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Step into the spotlight you managerial MacGyvers, you paperclip Padawans and workplace aces. We’re celebrating the unsung heroes of efficiency—the creators of the office hack. Check out these ingenious fixes making things more productive and just plain fun.

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Play Studio’s Rooftop Parking Hack

Parking can be a frustrating experience at the best of times. But imagine having your car being boxed-in at work every day. Today’s Envoy Office Hack takes us to a rooftop parking lot in San Francisco - and one inventive hack that cooled a lot of tempers. This is PlayStudios’ Rooftop Parking Hack.

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Zappos Money Hack

Money can be such a motivator. Even fake money. Just ask Zappos, the online shoe retail giant. Zappos has its own mini-economy - with custom currency, goods, lotteries, even inflation. This is definitely one of our more sophisticated hacks. Here is Zappos Money Hack.

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Twilio’s Phone Hack

Today’s Envoy Office Hack might make you feel a little nostalgic. It comes to us from a San Francisco-based company that specializes in innovating all things telecom. Twilio’s hack involves an old school rotary-dial phone and the modern day text message. This is Twilio’s Phone Hack.

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Mozilla’s TV Hack

TV isn’t what it used to be. It’s so much better! Especially at Mozilla where TV content can be programmed by anyone and for any environment. Hear how Mozilla, the makers of Firefox, hacked together a TV system for its offices. This is Mozilla’s TV Hack.

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Dev Post’s Call Serena Hack

Calling a meeting is one thing. Involving a remote employee in that meeting can be another. A little bit more planning is generally involved. But what if you could hack together a device that launched meetings with remote employees at the press of a button? If that’s music to your ears, you’re going to love this week’s office hack: Dev Post’s Call Serena Hack.

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Twitter Unplugged

When life gets out of balance, sometimes you just need to unplug. Restore peace and calm. Even one of the most social of social media giants agrees. Twitter’s office hack is a quiet room in its Canadian office where nary a tweet can be heard. This is Twitter Unplugged.

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O2E’s Imagination Hack

This is a story about a wall that brought out the grandest of visions and brought together an unstoppable team. This week’s office hack is O2E’s Imagination Hack.

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IFTTT’s Sign Hack

IFTTT stands for If This Then That, which is literally how this web-based service works. IFTTT lets you connect apps and devices through “recipes”. And what better way for IFTTT to show off what its about, than through an IFTTT “recipe” anyone can do? This is exactly what they did, using their company sign as the hackable target.

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Slack’s Washroom Hack

Slack staff more than doubled at this office in a relatively short amount of time, creating a lot more traffic in company bathrooms. More traffic meant more potential for awkward social moments between washroom stalls. The solution? A little French influence…

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