Safety, security and compliance

Safeguard your workplace

Where safety, security, compliance, and unmatched user experience meet for onsite confidence.

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Global visibility

Know who’s onsite at all times

Minimize risk with real-time visibility into each workplace location. Screen visitors in advance and only allow verified guests to enter.

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View real-time workplace occupancy

Quickly reference up-to-date visitor and employee logs to see who’s in the building in case of an emergency.

Effortlessly prepare for audits

Maintain detailed visitor records at a global and location level, and automatically export reports on a set schedule.

Protect visitor information

Maintain visitor privacy by only allowing designated admins to view and manage visitor data.

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Access control

Protect your people and intellectual property

Mitigate risk by restricting access to your workplace and network. Automatically grant temporary building access and WiFi credentials to approved guests.

Confirm each visitor’s identity

Know if a visitor appears on internal or third-party BOLO lists, or if they have an invalid ID before they’re welcomed onsite.

Digitally capture required signatures

Have visitors sign NDAs and liability waivers or view safety videos before coming onsite.

Instantly flag unwelcome guests

Receive alerts when a visitor appears on a watch list, and automatically record all denied entries.

Emergency response

Respond swiftly to emergency situations

Ensure everyone is informed and has the resources they need to stay safe should an incident arise.

Envoy emergency notifications

Streamline evacuations

Notify all onsite employees and visitors of an emergency, and simplify roll call with an up-to-date log of everyone currently onsite.

Make navigation easy

Highlight emergency exits and first aid kits on a workplace map that employees can access on their mobile device.

Prepare visitors in advance

Customize visitor welcome emails with information educating them on your evacuation policy and emergency exits.

Illustration of Envoy iPad interface showing visitor sign-in flow.

Customize entry requirements at scale

Standardize processes globally, while customizing at a location level to comply with ITAR, OSHA, and other regulations.

Comply with all regional regulations

Modify sign-in criteria as needed at specific workplace locations to meet local mandates.

Set rules for returning visitors

Configure how often regular or returning visitors have to resubmit information or signatures.

Modify or remove criteria any time

As mandates change, easily adapt your registration process across impacted locations.

We can collect all the data that we need to meet our compliance requirements in one, centralized place. We trust that Envoy protects that data, stores it securely, and does so globally. That’s a big win.

Jonathan Priganc

Director, Business Systems-Corporate Affairs

Envoy is a one-stop shop for us in terms of gathering data, providing permissions, and sending approvals–all within our SOC and GDPR requirements.

Julia Goldberg

SVP of Global Real Estate, Office Services, and Security

Envoy has streamlined our paperwork and sign-in process, but more importantly, standardized it–completing all of the necessary documents as well as making a safer facility!

Shawn Devore

Plant Manager

Envoy strikes a good balance between the high level of security we need and the open personality we’ve worked hard to create.

Sharon Teng

Operations Admin Manager

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Leading workplaces and properties rely on Envoy

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Connect the tools you rely on to keep work moving

Keep everything in sync–from updating calendars to reminding your team to check in to their room–by connecting Envoy to the tools you rely on daily.

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Avigilon Alta formerly Openpath

Automatically distribute credentials and log visitor activity.

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Automatically upload signed legal documents into a designated Box folder.

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Brivo Access

Automatically distribute permissions and log visitor activity.

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Cisco Meraki

Securely share unique Wi-Fi credentials with each Envoy visitor.

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Automatically send visitors documents to sign via DocuSign.

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Gallagher Security

Automatically issue access to visitors and employees.

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Microsoft Teams

Automatically notify employees through a Teams message for every Envoy update.

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Schedule to come into the office, book desks, and invite visitors through Envoy without leaving Slack.

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Check the boxes to stay in compliance

Capture and securely store everything you need to remain in compliance with regulations. Easily export data to make audits painless

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