Workplace utilization

Run a more efficient workplace

Envoy gives you the data you need for smarter occupancy, real estate, and resource planning.

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Unified analytics

View all of your data in one place

Bring your occupancy and space usage data together to gain a clearer picture of your workplace context.

Know what’s happening across locations

Understand who’s onsite, when, and how they use the workplace. Aggregate this data in a single dashboard for easier analysis.

Integrate your work tech stacks

Connect to the workplace tools you already rely on for more accurate and nuanced insights.

Measure the success of your onsite policies

Track registrations and no-shows using employee badge swipe or Wi-Fi connection data. Understand and act on what drives onsite attendance.

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Space optimization

Enhance your operational efficiency

Optimize your layout and space utilization to lower operational costs and improve employee productivity.

Reduce inefficient space

See which spaces go unused often so you can spot opportunities to improve and make the most of your current space before expanding.

Respond swiftly to fluctuating space needs

Adjust your space to accommodate changes to your headcount, employee needs, and weekly foot traffic.

Free up unused rooms

Send automatic check-in alerts and nudges to employees to book smaller spaces or release unneeded rooms.

Space forecasting

Plan your future space needs

Make data-backed decisions about lease agreements and real estate investments.

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Right-size real estate investments

Compare occupancy and space usage data against your capacity to know when you may need to downsize, sublease, or expand to a larger space.

Prioritize your real estate spend

View your data by location to understand where you may need to invest in more workplace space.

Reconfigure your workspaces

Determine how to structure employee seating to maximize productivity and safety. Manipulate layouts by floor or department for effective space planning.

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Workplace experience

Create an exceptional workplace experience

Make working onsite effortless to foster employee presence, productivity, and community.

Streamline your employee tech stack

Make it easy for employees to book the space they need using an all-in-one solution. Leverage space usage data for continuous workplace improvements.

Accurately plan onsite services and resources

Know how many resources you’ll need for a given day or week based on historical occupancy data. Plan for catering, utilities, facilities staffing, parking, and more.

Spot preferences and trends

Find out which spaces employees use most so you can design a layout that meets their needs. Provide the right mix of space for collaboration and community.

We were able to use our data from Envoy's occupancy dashboard to better understand our office needs.

Amber Green

Global Workplace Manager at The Knot Worldwide

We’re always trying to bring costs down and use our workplace data to make better decisions. Envoy helps us do that.

Mark Campbell

Vice president of procurement and facilities

[Envoy] allows us to right-size the amount of space and desks that we need to have available, so we’re not wasting any space. This helps us to reduce costs and utilize our space really well.

Heather Somaini

Chief Administrative Officer at Lionsgate

Having everything centralized in one dashboard is invaluable. I don’t have to sign into a million apps or integrate a million tools together.

Alex Pezzulo

Senior office and facilities manager

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Leading workplaces and properties rely on Envoy

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Connect your tools for more accurate workplace insights

Bring data on badge swipes, sensors, and space bookings together to create a clear picture of work patterns, identify areas for improvement, and plan for the future.

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Aruba Central

Provision unique Wi-Fi network and password details for each Envoy visitor.

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Aruba ClearPass

Provision unique Wi-Fi network and password details for each Envoy visitor.

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Brivo Access

Automatically distribute permissions and log visitor activity.

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Automate your food program by syncing real-time employee, visitor and location capacity.

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Cisco Meraki

Securely share unique Wi-Fi credentials with each Envoy visitor.

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Trigger occupancy alerts in real time to the Envoy dashboard.

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Gallagher Security

Automatically issue access to visitors and employees.

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Empower your guests with automatically issued Kisi access.

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