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Easy desk booking software for the flexible workplace

Empower employees to reserve a desk to collaborate on-site.
Illustration of an office space using desk management.Illustration of an office using desk management.

How it works

Desks is part of Envoy Workplace, the only fully integrated solution that brings together everything you need to manage and optimize your workplace, from desk and room booking to delivery management and unified occupancy analytics.


Designate which desks are available

Determine which desks are available for hot desk booking, permanently assigned, or unavailable. Assign amenities to desks so employees can find and book their perfect desk for the day.

UI illustration showing designated desks

Employees book a desk from the Envoy app

Employees can book a desk by the hour, day, or week right from their phone. They have the flexibility to choose where to sit, depending on what they need to get done that day. Workplace admins can also do desk booking on behalf of their employees.

UI Illustration showing desk booking functionality on a mobile device

Automatically seat teammates near each other

Set up neighborhoods so teams can sit together. Automatically seat coworkers by function or project, giving them the flexibility to change desks if they prefer.

UI illustration showing neighbourhood desk arrangement functionality

Make smart decisions about your space

Get an accurate view of who and how many people plan to work onsite each day through Envoy’s hot desk booking software. Use these insights to right-size your layout to support your teams, minimize wasted space, and save on real estate costs.

UI illustration showing desk capacity.

Adapt your space for hybrid work

You determine which desks are available to reserve within Envoy’s hot desk booking software. Add hot desks to each of your locations for a truly flexible workplace.

Bring people together onsite

Employees can book desks in team-designated neighborhoods or choose to sit near workplace buddies. They can easily search and find where others are sitting on the map, which shows who’s sitting where with profile photos.

UI illustration showing desk availability
Illustrated graph showing desk utilization

Use your space efficiently

Monitor how space is being used and plan ahead with Envoy analytics to make informed decisions to adapt your workplace to work better for your team—and save money on real estate. With analytics from the hot desk booking software, you can make sure that workstations are used efficiently and your team is always prepared.


Everything you need to set up flexible desk booking

Hot desk booking

Give your team the flexibility to choose where they sit to get the most out of the day

Desk hoteling

Allow employees to schedule a desk reservation by the hour, day or week

Permanent desk assignments

Give certain employees a permanent seat assignment to use each day they’re on-site

Desk amenities

Empower employees to filter and book the perfect desk with what they need for the day


Highlight specific areas where teammates can sit near each other to work and collaborate

Workspace maps

Display an interactive map of your space so employees can easily find and book their desk

Mobile app

Make it easy for employees to find and book a desk directly from the Envoy mobile app

Desk analytics

Get insight into space use so you can optimise your layout and lower real estate costs

Rolling out Desks was a no-brainer. We can allocate permanent desks to people who come in every day and leave hot desks open for hybrid employees.


Senior Office and Facilities Manager at Conductor

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Create a workplace where people want to be

Make collaborating in-person the obvious choice by empowering employees to coordinate schedules, reserve desks and rooms, navigate the workplace, and file tickets from one intuitive app. Leverage unified data on workplace occupancy and space usage to make confident, cost-saving decisions.

Illustration of two office workers at their desks, large UI office map in the background.

Bring your team together to do their best work

Employees can see their co-workers' workplace schedules right in the Envoy app. Then book the right desk or meeting room for the task at hand.

Help everyone navigate onsite

Interactive workplace maps allow employees to find the people and the spaces they need to get work done.

Get a complete view of your workplace

Know who is planning to be on-site so you can right-size your space layout, staffing, and more to support your employees.

Make data-informed decisions

Analytics on your employees, visitors, desks, meeting rooms, and mailroom can help you make more informed decisions about your staffing and space usage.


Still have questions?
We can help.

What is desk booking?

Desk booking, hot desk booking, or desk hoteling gives your employees the flexibility to book a desk for days when they work on-site. Desk booking is a popular tool hybrid workplaces use to optimize their space and usage.

What is hot desk booking software?

Envoy’s hot desk booking software makes it easy to create flexible and productive workplaces. By making desks available for hot desk booking, you give your employees the flexibility to book a desk for days when they come on-site. Your team can easily reserve desks to work productively on-site with Envoy’s desk booking mobile app or on the web.

Why use hot desk booking software for hybrid workplaces?

Envoy’s hot desk booking software makes running hybrid workplaces easy. Your employees can see when their colleagues are scheduled to work on-site and make a desk booking near them to collaborate efficiently in person.

Will hot desk booking software work for my office?

Envoy’s hot desk booking software works for any office-based business that seeks to offer flexibility and seamless collaboration within the workplace. Start a free trial to see for yourself how hot desk booking software can transform your office into a thriving and flexible workplace.

Can managers or admins book desks on behalf of others?

Workplace admins can do delegated desk booking on behalf of employees using Envoy’s hot desk booking software. This feature is ideal for admins to reserve a block of desks for an on-site event, ensure executives are seated with their prefered desk amenities, or that a visiting employee gets a good desk without knowing the local office layout.