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Envoy – the new standard for visitor registration.

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Let Envoy welcome you to a world without paper pushing or wasted time; just secure and seamless visitor registration.

When you replace your sign-in book with our customizable iPad app, we collect the visitor information, so you can focus on giving the guest a better, more personal experience.

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Security, streamlined.

Created to enhance both physical and data security, Envoy is a key layer in any integrated security system. Unlike paper guest books, Envoy keeps visitor information confidential, so the old days of illegible scribble and guests “innocently noticing” a competitor’s name are gone. And with required contact fields, automatic photo capture, and our watchlist feature, you’ll always know exactly who’s in the building.

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Welcome and wow visitors.

Avoid hiccups at reception with features that optimize happiness for both visitors and employees.

Envoy shares the visitor’s photo with their host, making it easy for employees to identify guests and make them feel welcome.

And with pre-registration, you can save guests the headache that comes with tracking down arrival details. No more last minute panic over parking or showing up at the wrong entrance. In just moments, a host can send custom emails that contain directions, parking tips, Wi-Fi details, a calendar invitation and more.

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Never lose momentum.

Imagine removing the mundane, manual tasks that make your team less efficient. We’ve automated photo taking, badge printing, and legal agreement storage, so your team can prioritize real work over busywork.

Plus, you’ll never waste time tracking down an employee again. With Envoy, hosts are automatically notified when their visitor arrives.

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Effortlessly loop
in legal.

Since visitors sign NDAs, waivers, or agreements directly on the iPad, you can skip the hassle that comes with hard copies. And now that exporting visitor data can be done with a few keystrokes, meeting your compliance regulations (like ITAR, PCI, and more) is easier than ever.

The best part? The data is yours, so you choose how to access it. Automatically send agreements to your legal team via email, upload directly to Box, or access from our secure cloud.

Accept Envoy Passport.

Thousands of visitors a day love using Envoy to sign in at offices around the world. The new Envoy Passport iPhone app makes this process even faster, smarter, and more slick than ever. It’s a better way to sign in, and it’s only for Envoy.

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Envoy saves me from running around and letting people know when their visitors arrive. It also adds that extra security for our office, since we have cloud-stored signed NDAs and visitor photos for everyone who has checked in.
Nikki Wilkin
Office Manager at Gusto
I have never experienced more professional customer service on every level—each and every time I call the Envoy team, my issues are resolved. On a scale of one to ten, Envoy is a 14. I would recommend this fun, stylish, and innovative visitor management system to anyone!
Gary Backus
Manager of Safety & Security at Pandora
Envoy welcomes our visitors with a streamlined sign-in system that’s personalized for Fitbit’s needs. The ability to save and send NDAs is very convenient for us and our visitors, whether they’re recurring or new!
Nicole Ligh
Admin Assistant at Fitbit
Envoy has made my day. I can now leave our front desk to work on projects around the office, and text notifications save me from tracking down employees. We highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in making their everyday office life a little easier.
Keira McIntyre
Office Administrator at The Onion
Envoy is great! It's everything my team has been looking for in a guest sign-in system. The setup was seamless, and Box integration makes NDA's readily available for our legal team. It's awesome to know that Envoy is easy for our visitors to use, even when I'm away from my desk.
Ari Maerina
Office Assistant at Twilio
Envoy is our personal concierge, and their number one priority is efficiency. The customizations and integrations allow us to personalize our visitor's experience, and also maintain our office security.
John Allen
IT Systems Engineer at Box

The new standard for
visitor registration.

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Envoy is the visitor registration system (sometimes called an iPad app for front desk sign-in) that’s changing how visitors are greeted when they arrive at a workplace. Modern businesses are getting rid of their paper sign-in books and using Envoy to provide a seamless, digital visitor sign-in experience.

With automatic badge printing, photo capture, host notifications, legal agreement (NDA) signing and storage, and a multitude of out-of-the-box integrations, Envoy Visitor Registration makes sign-in more secure and enjoyable. Plus, with the Envoy Passport mobile app, visitors can quickly auto sign-in at any location using Envoy.