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Get the latest news from Envoy on Workplace Management. Learn about remote work, returning to office & hybrid work systems to optimize efficiency.

Here’s an in-depth look at the benefits and challenges of a return to office policy and tips to get it right for your organization—and your people.

Collecting work attendance data is rapidly becoming a standard practice for many companies. Learn how organizations are gathering and using this data.

Hear from two workplace experts on how they use data to make more informed decisions about their spaces and resources.

Meeting in-person has tremendous benefits to productivity and collaboration. Here are the stats that back it up.

Learn how Envoy helps companies leverage workplace analytics with data-enriched maps, passive data capture and advanced reporting.

Envoy’s exec team weighs in on the top three workplace trends this year.

In this post, we explore all things hybrid work, including what it is, how it’s changed over time, best practices, and more.

Welcome visitors virtually, optimize your space layout, measure your in-office policy, and make onsite emergencies less stressful with our latest releases.

Learn how workplace analytics can help create a highly-efficient space where employees are productive, innovative, and happy.

In this post, we’ll show you four ways you can use office occupancy data to help your leadership team make smarter and more informed decisions about your workplace.

Are data silos making it difficult to gather insights? Discover how breaking down those silos with software integrations can drastically improve your workplace analytics.

Use AI to streamline admin tasks, enable two-way communication in case of an emergency, manage invitations with multiple hosts and large groups of visitors, and create completely custom admin roles from scratch.

In this blog post, security experts answer some of the most pressing questions from workplace and facility leaders.

In this blog, we show how an integrated platform can make it easier to capture, understand, and leverage workplace data.

Access all your workplace analytics in one place, and create custom admin roles for map management and sign-in flows.

Keep people informed with emergency notifications and leverage attendance data for proactive space management

Connect people, spaces, and data with Envoy’s new centralized workplace platform

Early Envoy data reveals tech companies with required in-office days see better business performance.

Now live: Data upload for occupancy dashboard, scenario planning and QR code visitor sign-in

Learn how technology and data are key to keeping your people connected and your workplace community thriving.

Now live: Data upload for occupancy dashboard, scenario planning and QR code visitor sign-in

An office map can improve the overall workplace experience by helping employees navigate the office with ease.

The physical workplace brings people together, helping to boost productivity, foster connection, and attract and retain top talent in your organization.

Results from Gallup’s latest employee engagement survey are in. Find out what companies are getting right and wrong about hybrid work.

Learn how companies across different industries have evolved their workplace strategies to meet the needs of their business.

Facilities and real estate directors: Learn how to use workplace data to drive smarter, more cost-effective decisions.

Find out why collaboration tools matter, how to choose them, and which tools to consider based on your company’s needs.

We’ll walk you through seven best practices to uphold so that teams can effectively collaborate and work together from miles apart.

A smart workplace once sounded futuristic, but now, it's expected. Learn about the basics for a smart workplace and productive company.

Explore three key ways to use workplace technology to enhance operations at your pharma or biotech company.

With some forethought and the right tools, you’ll be able to make your employees’ return to the office a smooth one for your firm.

Technology has the power to revolutionize workplaces.

Explore the benefits of a visitor management system and learn how to tell if your business needs one.

Staying on top of workplace trends can help you plan ahead.

Learn how to adapt your space and company for hybrid work and ensure everyone has a great experience onsite.

Learn what 240+ workplace leaders said about how they're incentivizing employees to return to the office.

Onsite events and programs were a major focus for workplace leaders in 2022.

Pulled from our latest workplace trends report, these 6 employee habits shaped the way we worked last year.

Learn how to enrich your workplace occupancy data to make smarter decisions about your space.

Transform your workplace to encourage collaboration and make folks happy working together IRL again.

Your employees are the heart of your company, so making sure they have a great experience should be your top priority.

A change in technology can be scary. Follow this step-by-step guide to successfully add a new tool to your workplace tech stack.

Become a workplace hero by implementing office technology that improves productivity, efficiency, and happiness in the workplace.

Lack of flexibility is one of the top reasons US employees quit their jobs. Here are four ways to create more flexibility.

Envoy survey reveals employees’ thoughts on workplace culture, productivity, and making the most of work friendships.

Don't worry, be happy with these tips on maintaining a happy workforce.

We’re diving into Envoy’s proprietary platform data to share insights to help workplace leaders in the UK drive key return to office decisions.

Hop in a time machine and blast into the future: let’s explore six ways workplace technology will look different in 2023 and beyond.

To succeed, businesses must improve the employee experience. But how? Here’s your Ultimate Guide to creating a five star experience for everyone.

To create a collaborative environment at work, you’ll need three core ingredients: technology, policies, and practices.

Don’t miss this 2023 ultimate guide that explores everything you need to know about flexible work this year.

Employees who collaborate at their workplace are 17% more satisfied in their job and workplace culture than those who don’t.

Collaboration drives productivity, increases revenue, and improves innovation.

There’s no denying technology has made our lives a lot easier, especially when it comes to the workplace. Gone are the days of punch cards, badge scanners, and physical file storage. Workplaces are now full of high tech video conferencing equipment, collaboration tools, and sleek smart screens.

Explore some of Envoy customers’ favorite new features across Visitors, Desks, Rooms, and Mobile that made their workplaces work better in 2022.

Learn about the 4 types of hybrid work schedules, how to choose the best one for your company, and how to roll it out.

Learn workspace management software is, what it's used for, and 4 key benefits it can provide for your workplace.

Not everyone’s excited to return to the office. Here are 5 reasons why employees don’t want to return to work and what you can do to support them.

Workplace leaders are trying new strategies to close the gaps between employees and executives.

Now on the Envoy app, you can make it convenient for your employees to report workplace issues on the go.

Welcome to our first Workplace Tech Talk. Today, we're talking about 6 types of technology that fuel collaboration.

If you’re not agile, you’re fragile. Learn what an agile work environment really means and how it can transform your business.

Employees and execs are navigating what the real purpose of the office is.

Employees have a lot of deal breakers when it comes to returning to the office. But they might not be the ones that executives think.

Learn how workplaces can get their return-to-office strategy right by taking a data-driven approach.

In our latest At Work report, we surveyed 1,000 employees and 250 executives in the United Kingdom to find out how they really feel about the workplace. Here’s what we uncovered.

The office do’s and don’ts have changed over the last few years. But employees are still nervous about negative perceptions from execs.

What's more important: productivity or relationship-building in the workplace? In our latest At Work report, we surveyed 1,000 employees and 250 executives in the United Kingdom to find out.

Let’s dive into Envoy’s proprietary platform data to find out which industries are succeeding in the return to office (RTO)—and which are falling behind.

96% of US executives admit to noticing the work of employees coming into the office more than remote work.

A quality workplace has the power to make your organization thrive, if it's managed well. In this post, explore why workplace management is so important and how to get it right for you.

To get to the workplace of the future, you have to start investing in the right technology today. Here are the workplace technology trends that you can expect in 2023 and beyond.

Today, Connect syncs the upstairs and downstairs in real-time. Tomorrow, it will become a platform for cross-tenant products, services and asset sharing.

Worksphere joining Envoy to make big ambitions happen for the future of the workplace

The answer? A lot. Find out how your workplace can become your much-needed homebase in your distributed work model.

With five simple additions to your office layout, you can make office days your employees' favorite days

Welcome to your ultimate guide library. A collection of must-have ultimate guides that explore the most talked about topics in the workplace.

A positive employee experience can foster strong company culture and drive business objectives.

What is a hybrid culture? And why do 54% of employees around the world feel overworked? We’ll explain how to build a sustainable culture for a hybrid workforce.

Exploring emerging trends allows workplace leaders to prepare for the future, get ahead of major industry shifts, and build a better workplace for everyone.

To run a smooth workplace, you need a strategy. In this post, we’ll define workplace strategy and walk through 6 steps to help you outline yours.

In this post, we’ll explore what makes a great workplace and how to improve the workplace experience at your organization.

Joining forces with OfficeTogether to create a better hybrid world

In this post, we’ll walk through a few types of on-site events you can host that will improve the hybrid work experience.

Companies are fine-tuning their hybrid work approach for the longer term. The one constant? People want a community in the workplace.

If you’re wondering how you or your folks can find more purpose at work, check out these top tips by Dr. Dana Mitra to find out.

Learn three ways you can reduce employee burnout by harnessing the power of the physical workplace.

At Envoy, we want to make the workplace work better—but we can’t do it alone. Thank you to all of our technology partners and developers who have built over 100 integrations on Envoy’s platform. Here’s to 100 more!

Let’s walk through five types of tools you’ll want to invest in for successful hybrid work—and how to successfully roll them out to your team.

Office wayfinding can help employees feel the benefit of being back in the office.