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Get the latest news from Envoy on Visitor Management. Learn about auto receptionists, visitor logs, access management so you always know who's on-site.

In this post, we go over the top 5 consequences of relying on an antiquated visitor management policy and some things to consider when developing a new one.

Learn how a visitor management system can help you conquer compliance and be regulatory-ready in 2024 and beyond.

Recently, we sat down with Envoy experts Dana Stocking and Dave Park to discuss the convergence of IT and workplace management.

In this post, we go over the basics of what to look for when evaluating a visitor management system for your business.

In this blog post, we go over the issues associated with managing too many disparate systems and how a VMS eliminates redundant point solutions.

In this post, we cover the challenges associated with securing the front desk and how static QR codes can improve the visitor check-in process.

Discover 4 ways a modern visitor management system (VMS) helps meet the expectations of today’s visitors.

Ready to impress? In this post, discover six ways Envoy can help you elevate your event experience.

Here’s how to create a data-driven workplace so you can prove the impact of your work.

A great impression with visitors can bolster your brand reputation.

Learn how to choose a visitor management solution that’s right for you, including the best features to look out for.

A memorable visit requires many different steps coming together to create one wow-worthy experience. Here are tips to get you started.

A solid visitor policy will ensure your guests feel welcomed and prepared for their visit while safeguarding your space and everyone in it.

Apply these tips to improve your guest experience and ensure anyone who enters your office feels like a VIP.

As more visitors return to the workplace, it’s your job to make them feel welcomed and wowed. Learn how to meet—and even exceed—their expectations.

Let’s explore how manufacturers can upgrade legacy systems to a seamless, efficient, and scalable visitor management solution.

Making a great first impression on visitors is crucial to your company. It impacts brand perception, talent acquisition, client retention, and more.

To maximize physical occupancy in your commercial building, you need to keep your tenants happy. Check out some easy tips and recommended tools for creating a hospitable tenant experience that promotes retention.

A custom experience can help your visitors feel special and welcome in your workplace. Here are 5 common visitor types and what they expect out of their visit.

Get six helpful tips to ensure your visitors have a memorable and positive experience at your workplace.

Inviting visitors to your workplace can positively contribute to a sense of connection and purpose for employees.

This year, the working world has learned that there is no one right way to work. Any given day, people work from home, an office, an Airbnb, or somewhere else.

Explore ways to upgrade your workplace visitor experience to provide a seamless, modern experience.

Explore how you can use the workplace to positively reflect your company’s culture to attract potential new hires.

Learn how to create a great candidate experience on-site from the moment folks arrive for their interview.

Explore how to collect valuable feedback from candidates after their onsite interview.

Now, with Envoy Visitors, you can schedule detailed insights reports to send to key stakeholders.

We analyzed millions of employee and visitor sign-ins. Here's a look at what we've learned and what to expect over the next six months.

With an effective workplace visitor policy, you can manage guests at scale across all of your organization’s locations. Learn how.

Hospitality-inspired ideas to make your visitor management experience even better.

Securing your workplace means more than just protecting your physical building and the people inside. You also need to safeguard company information.

Looking for world-class employees? Take pointers from Envoy’s head recruiter on how to attract candidates with a memorable on-site experience.

Learn how to welcome visitors back safely in the near year with these tips.

Workplace safety has new meaning after a year like 2020. Not only for employees, but for visitors as well. Now is the time to upgrade your visitor safety policy for 2021.

Why invest in employee and visitor systems that are built for "care?" Industry expert Lee Odess suggests that the underlying reasons include trust, happiness and return on investment.

Access control industry expert Lee Odess explains why access control and visitor management systems cannot remain isolated utilities. In the end, access control and visitor management systems will become features of a much broader digital building operating system.

Crafting a safe visitor experience starts before your guest arrives. Here are 7 tips to create a safe visitor experience, before they even walk through your door.

What industries are still allowing visitors? This blog post outlines the 10 industries that are - and are not - allowing visitors into their offices.

From visitor management to conference room management, workplace technology is moving to the cloud in a big way.

The experience a candidate has in your workplace can be make or break when it comes to accepting the offer.

Lack of efficient processes and adequate workplace technology can result in a negative workplace experience. Let’s look at how this happens—and what to do to prevent it.

A visitor management system is so much more than a notification service. Here's how to maximize the rollout.

The "wow" factor: why a visitor management system is much more than a sign-in app.

Competition for qualified job candidates is fiercer than ever. To attract the best talent, employers need to follow these 5 steps.

The future of work –– and the workplace technology that powers it –– is integration. Here’s what to keep in mind as you evaluate visitor management systems.

As businesses consider investing in the workplace experience, there are a number of steps to take in order to create a great visitor policy. Here are some tips.

Level up your workplace experience with dedicated programs to foster a better sense of belonging.

Visitor management systems help you keep track of everyone who comes through your doors. They increase efficiency, boost your brand, and keep your office safe.

Your visitors are an invaluable window into the success of your workplace’s first impression. Have you asked them lately what they think?

Your reception area sets the tone for your employees and visitors. It requires the perfect combination of hospitality, technology, and showmanship.

See why visitor management in multiple languages boosts accessibility and the workplace experience.

With the right visitor management solution, it’s easy to weave powerful security into a delightful workplace experience.

A good visitor sign-in flow should capture the information you need while being straightforward and seamless for your visitors.

Thinking about taking the leap into digital visitor management? Here are some of the primary benefits to help you choose.

Selecting your visitor management solution is simple. Here are five tips to help guide your iPad sign-in app purchase.

We compare visitor management systems so you can choose the best option for your workplace.

Easily keep track of workplace guests with visitor management software and a few key pieces of hardware.

Here are four ways visitor management solutions help your business and lower your stress.

Join Mallorie Maranda, Sales Manager at Envoy, to find out how to get set up, quickly sign in visitors, and easily keep track of deliveries.

We’re excited to share two new features that can help your team continuously improve the experience of visiting your workplace.

Remove logistical obstacles so that your team can focus on high-touch visitor management.

We’ve updated the messages Envoy sends your visitors to help answer their top questions and put them at ease before each visit.

Visitors should enter your lobby confident that they can breeze through sign-in. Today we’re excited to share two updates to the Envoy Visitors kiosk.

Starting today, you can support multiple languages on the Visitors kiosk, so visitors can sign in with their language of choice.

No matter what type of sign-in process you have, things can get hectic when lots of visitors arrive at once. But with a few simple tips, you can help your front desk be prepared and avoid the front desk traffic jam.

You need to protect what’s important to your business. Envoy can give you the confidence to enhance your workplace security while continuing to provide an incredibly smooth, effortless experience.

Sign-out often gets overlooked, but can be truly powerful when you put it to work in your office.

With our visitor types feature, you have full control over the sign-in experience.

Over ten million visitors have signed in using Envoy — find out how we're celebrating.

Check out our newest features, including the ability to invite visitors right from your calendar.

We’re announcing three new features that will meet different group sign-in needs.

We’re excited to announce more improvements to pre-registration that help you put Envoy to work more than ever before.

We've put together a comprehensive list of questions to consider when looking at vendors.

Learn about our new features, including the ability to sign in visitors from the dashboard.

Employees can now manage their own visitors and invites right from the Envoy dashboard.

We're excited to announce the launch of a new set of interactive features for our Envoy Passport stamps.

Learn about our newest features, including employee directory export and multiple assistants.

With our new Microsoft Office 365 Groups integration (known as Office 365 Connectors) ,  letting groups of any size know when a guest arrives is a snap!

Learn about our newest features, including Passport for Android.

We’re thrilled to introduce Admin Roles, a new feature for multiple admin accounts, which will give you greater flexibility, freedom, control, and security.

Learn about our newest updates, including device management and custom final messages.

If your company has custom fields to collect information from your visitors, you can now answer these sign-in questions on their behalf when you complete the pre-registration form.

Your dashboard can now serve double duty as an evacuation list.

Now you can now edit sync settings per employee to give you more flexibility.

With this Premium feature, watch as your total number of visitors, host notifications, pre-registrations, and days with Envoy tick up as time goes by. Check it out on your dashboard now!

We're excited to announce Envoy Passport and our free plan.

With our new search feature, you can easily access any individual visitor’s sign-in data, right on your web dashboard.

You can now use Envoy in one of our nine supported languages.

Ever wanted to know your busiest day of the week or time of day? Now you can with our new analytics feature.

Now you can start creating Salesforce leads from visitors that sign in with Envoy.