Centralize workplace management

Reduce workplace costs and improve experience

Drive informed decisions with unified workplace insights. Optimize employee experience and operational costs and improve security. Do it all with one integrated platform designed to scale with you.

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Everything you need for a thriving workplace

Bring people securely together to connect and collaborate with an all-in-one solution for visitors, employees, and the spaces where they work best together.


Welcome guests with an elegantly simple check-in experience. Know exactly who’s visiting, when and why. Save time with automated host notifications and badge printing.

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Empower employees to coordinate schedules and find coworkers, rooms, desks, and deliveries. Make cost-saving decisions with occupancy and space usage data.


Keep your building secure and keep tenants renewing with intuitive tools, two-way communication, and accurate data on property utilization and occupancy.


Understand and improve your space

Create a cost-efficient, productive work environment based on how people utilize your workspace.

Track onsite presence

Get an accurate view of physical occupancy with timely data on employee attendance and visitor foot traffic.

Drive decisions with unified insights

View data from access control systems, WiFi connections, sensors, and desk and room reservations – all in one place.

Proactive space management

Confidently plan for the future with space planning tools and workplace utilization data.

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Safety & security

Protect your people, property, and ideas

Mitigate risk with swift incident response and customized security screening for everyone entering your workplace.

Streamline emergency response

Send emergency notifications and simplify evacuations with a log of all onsite employees and visitors, along with emergency signage on your digital workplace map.

Stop intruders in their path

Know immediately if a visitor appears on a BOLO list or if their ID is invalid before they’re welcomed onsite.

Limit building and network access

Automatically grant temporary building access and Wifi credentials to approved guests only to comply with ITAR and other regulations.


Modernize the onsite experience

Whether you have one location or dozens of campuses across the globe, provide an exceptionally smooth experience for every admin, employee, and visitor. We put the user experience at the core of everything we do.

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Consistently delight employees

Ensure every onsite experience is seamless for every employee–even when they’re traveling between locations–with QR code access and interactive workplace maps.

Connect the front lobby to each suite

Property managers can keep their buildings secure and exceed tenant expectations by connecting the ground floor to every office door.

Choose a platform that grows with you

Companies of all sizes use Envoy’s unified platform to support their evolving workplace needs as they scale their business.

Envoy has everything I need in one dashboard which makes my life easier. I don’t have to sign into a million apps or integrate a million tools together. Everything I need to manage employees, desks, meeting rooms, visitors, and deliveries are in one place.

Alex Pezzulo

Senior Office and Facilities Manager

We can collect all the data that we need to meet our compliance requirements in one centralized place. We trust that Envoy protects that data, stores it securely, and does so globally. That’s a big win.

Jonathan Priganc

Director, Business Systems-Corporate Affairs

We are obsessive about the experiences we create, and that’s why Envoy is critical to us. It’s our opening engagement that frames the continued sophistication they will encounter.

Brent Turner

SVP of Solutions

As soon as we built our new office, I knew we needed Envoy. The service helps us scale operations as we grow, while retaining the same warm and welcoming vibe.

Francis Aquino

Workplace Experience Manager

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Leading workplaces and properties rely on Envoy

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Connect the tools you rely on to keep work moving

Keep everything in sync–from updating calendars to reminding your team to check in to their room–by connecting Envoy to the tools your teams already use.

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Aruba ClearPass

Provision unique Wi-Fi network and password details for each Envoy visitor.

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Brivo Access

Automatically distribute permissions and log visitor activity.

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Cisco Meraki

Securely share unique Wi-Fi credentials with each Envoy visitor.

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Gallagher Security

Automatically issue access to visitors and employees.

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Google Calendar

Invite visitors and book desks for employees in Envoy without leaving Google Calendar.

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Microsoft Outlook

Invite visitors in Envoy without leaving Outlook.

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Microsoft Teams

Automatically notify employees through a Teams message for every Envoy update.

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Schedule to come into the office, book desks, and invite visitors through Envoy without leaving Slack.

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