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If you're interested in Visitors, how many locations do you have?

For most customers, a “location” is defined as a physical office. But you can also set up an Envoy location for each door or at multiple buildings within one central campus.

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If you're interested in Workplace, how many employees do you have?

Workplace is priced per active user. An active user is defined as an employee who comes into the workplace regularly.

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Which Workplace plan are you interested in?

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Which Visitors plan are you interested in?

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Do you need any equipment?

You'll need an iPad to use Envoy. You can purchase one from the Envoy store or the retailer of your choice
Badge Printer
Envoy is compatible with the Brother QL-820NWB printer. You can purchase one from the Envoy store or the retailer of your choice
Brother QL-820NWB
Portrait Stand for iPad
The WindFall is our most popular iPad stand. Explore other options in the Envoy store or purchase a stand from the retailer of your choice.
Heckler Design

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What hardware do I need and where can I purchase it?

For Visitors, you'll need an iPad running on iOS 10+. For Rooms, you'll need an iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, or iPad Pro that supports iOS 12+. For Deliveries, you’ll just need a phone that can scan incoming deliveries. We also recommend an iPad stand, as well as a badge printer if you’re planning to give your guests badges. Visit the Envoy Store to shop Envoy-approved accessories.

How do you define a location for visitors?

For the majority of our Visitors customers, a “location” is defined as a physical workplace. For example, if a company has several workplaces all over the world, they would typically set up one Envoy location for each of them. Alternatively, if a company has several buildings within one central campus, they may want to set up an Envoy location for each of those buildings as well. For every location you set up, you would typically need to order the associated hardware, i.e. iPad, iPad stand and badge printer. Learn more.

How do you define a user for a Workplace?

Workplace is charged per “active user,” which is defined as an individual who has logged into Envoy, used any Envoy platform feature, or signed-in to the office in the past 90 days. The total number of user licenses you purchase should factor in every location you expect people onsite. For example, if you typically have 100 employees onsite at your New York office each day, and 50 in your London office, you should purchase 150 user licenses. Learn more.

What form of payment do you accept?

For online transactions, we currently accept any credit or debit card with Mastercard, Visa, Discover Network, American Express. We offer invoicing via ACH for accounts that are on the Enterprise plan or have three or more Premium Yearly locations.

Are there any hidden fees attached to my Envoy subscription?

We hate hidden fees as much as you do. If you’re on the monthly plan, you’ll be charged once a month on your renewal date. If you’re on the yearly plan, we only charge one fee upfront for the whole year, and your card will not be charged until your renewal date the following year. You can also purchase key integrations as add-ons to your subscription, but those fees will never be hidden from you.

(Note: VAT fees may apply if you’re purchasing from outside of the USA.)

Can I purchase Desks, Rooms or Deliveries a la carte?

No, these products are only available with purchase of Workplace. Deliveries is included in the Workplace Standard package. The Workplace Premium package also includes Desks and Rooms.