Envoy workplace

Decode your workplace data to save on costs and improve your workspace

Create a space that fosters community, powered by accurate data and smarter decisions.

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All-in-one solution for all your workplace needs

Envoy Workplace is the only fully integrated solution that brings together everything you need to manage and optimize your workplace, from desk and room booking to delivery management and unified occupancy analytics.

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Avoid package pile up by scanning incoming mail in seconds and automatically notifying recipients. Maintain accurate delivery records and ensure packages reach their rightful owners with secure delivery management.

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Act on insightful and integrated workplace data

Get a unified view across all occupancy data sources—including door scans, badges, Wi-Fi, sensors, and more—to make informed decisions. Drive decisions to save on costs, adapt workforce strategies, and build a competitive edge.

Make collaborating in-person the obvious choice

Empower your employees to confidently navigate the workplace with searchable and interactive maps. Search and find coworkers, spaces to book, and deliveries to pick up, all within one app.

Provide a safe, streamlined onsite experience

Equip employees with one platform for everything they need for onsite success–from submitting tickets and booking spaces to receiving emergency alerts.

Design compelling workplaces backed by data

Enhance scenario planning and improve workplace design by connecting the dots between attendance and space usage data. Create productive environments where seating charts and bookable desks are informed by actual attendance trends.


One solution to accurately understand and optimize your workplace

Analytics and reporting

Inform decisions with a unified view of occupancy and space usage trends

Auto check-in

Gain accurate attendance insights by unifying WiFi and access control badge data in one view

Hybrid work scheduling

Help employees collaborate by coordinating workplace schedules and inviting coworkers to join them onsite

Workplace ticketing

Empower employees to report workplace issues on-the-go for even faster resolution


Send important workplace updates, like policies and events, directly to employee’s mobile workplace app

Workplace map

Make it easy for employees to find coworkers’ desks and key resources like printers, emergency exits, and more with customizable floor plans

Emergency notifications

Establish clear communication with all  employees in case of an emergency.

Desk booking

Empower employees to book the right desk for the tasks at hand, in advance or on-demand

Conference room booking

Automatically free-up unused rooms so employees can always find a space to collaborate

Delivery management

Ensure packages reach their rightful owners promptly with automatic package scanning and recipient notifications

Connect the tools you rely on to keep work moving

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Unlock the full potential of your workplace


Remove barriers to coming onsite

Make it easy for teams to coordinate workplace schedules, access the workplace, and reserve the spaces where they’ll be most productive.

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Right-size your office footprint

Understand how people use desks, rooms, and neighborhoods—then identify opportunities to consolidate space and cut real estate costs.

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Drive improvements with real-time data

Ditch the guesswork. Take confident, well-informed action with accurate, up-to-date insight into workplace occupancy and space usage.

UI illustrations showing attendance levels.

Bring all workplace data into one place

Fully measure your onsite policy and uncover trends with a unified view of data from all key sources such as badge access and WiFi.

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Still have questions?
We can help.

Can I purchase Desks, Rooms, or Deliveries a la carte?

No, these products are only available with purchase of Workplace. Deliveries is included in the Workplace Standard package. Desks and Rooms are included in the Workplace Premium package.

How much does Workplace cost?

Workplace is priced per user. The Workplace Standard package is $3 per user/month, and the Premium package is $5 per user/month.

What additional features do I get access to with Workplace Premium?

The Workplace Premium package offers additional functionality for companies with sophisticated access control, data, and space management needs. Key features available only on Premium include access control integrations, desk and room booking, health and safety controls, and comprehensive workplace analytics. Compare all features here.

Does Workplace include visitor management?

Envoy Workplace does not include visitor management features. You can add basic visitor check-in functionality for free with the Envoy Visitors Basic plan, or explore our other Visitors plans for the package that meets your workplace visitor requirements.