Workplace experience

Set the standard in onsite experience

Provide the seamless onsite experiences required to unlock critical workplace data that drives proactive space improvements.

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Mobile app

Create a vibrant, productive work environment

With one intuitive mobile app, employees can easily coordinate schedules with coworkers, book space onsite, and register visitors—even while on the go.

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See who’s in the office

Set favorite coworkers and groups, and easily see when your key teammates are onsite.

Promptly welcome every person and package

Alert employees the moment they have a visitor or delivery waiting for them in the lobby.

Stay in the loop

Employees can file workplace tickets and view company announcements from the Envoy app.


Make it easy to get around

Quickly find people, spaces, and resources like mailrooms, printers, reception areas, and emergency exits.

Simplify onsite collaboration

Easily find the right coworkers with detailed digital seating charts organized by custom neighborhoods.

Find an available space

Search for rooms and desks that provide the amenities you need like whiteboards, dual monitors, and more.

Easily locate key resources

Quickly find people, spaces, and resources like printers, reception areas, emergency exits.

Visitor experience

Treat every guest like a VIP

Strike the perfect balance of security and hospitality with a sleek, digital sign-in. Seamlessly capture required information and provide the right level of access to each guest.

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Make a polished first impression

Send directions and parking instructions to guests in advance, and grant them temporary building and network access upon sign-in.

Streamline sign-in

Auto-fill sign-in fields with information from valid visitor IDs, remember returning visitors, and instantly alert hosts when guests check in.

Multi-location visits

Seamlessly grant VIP guests access to multiple facilities on your campus with one badge or QR code.

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Anticipate and adapt with workplace analytics

Manage a more productive, cost-effective, and collaborative workplace with unified data for space utilization, visitor foot traffic, and attendance.

View comprehensive insights

Leverage accurate, holistic data from all key sources like access control badge swipes and Wi-Fi connections.

Prepare for high-traffic days

Scale workspaces, staff, and food orders up or down to right-size costs based on foot traffic and space usage trends.

Optimize space for productivity

Track and measure which spaces are used most, and by which departments. Adjust your layout to align with how teams work best.

Envoy gives us the ability to set up a flexible work environment and utilize our space efficiently. It gives us the data to right-size our footprint and reduce costs.

Heather Somaini

Chief Administrative Officer

One of my biggest challenges is getting employees to follow processes and actually use technology that we invest in. With Envoy, it was easy to roll-out to our employees–and really easy for them to use. They can set their schedule, see what coworkers are going to be in the office, book a room, and see if they have a delivery. It’s all in one pace for them. I can even share updates with them within the app using Announcements.

Alex Pezzulo

Senior office and facilities manager

We have so many artists and visitors sign in. Envoy is a cool experience for them as it makes them feel special. It gives them that VIP feel.

Jessica Arnold

Lead Help Center Technician

As soon as we built our new office, I knew we needed Envoy. The service helps us scale operations as we grow, while retaining the same warm and welcoming vibe.

Francis Aquino

Workplace Experience Manager

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Leading workplaces and properties rely on Envoy

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Connect to the tools your team relies on

Keep everything in sync – from updating calendars to reminding your team to check in to their room – by connecting Envoy to your favorite tools.

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Aruba ClearPass

Provision unique Wi-Fi network and password details for each Envoy visitor.

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Brivo Access

Automatically distribute permissions and log visitor activity.

All apps
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Cisco Meraki

Securely share unique Wi-Fi credentials with each Envoy visitor.

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Gallagher Security

Automatically issue access to visitors and employees.

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Google Calendar

Invite visitors and book desks for employees in Envoy without leaving Google Calendar.

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Empower your guests with automatically issued Kisi access.

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Microsoft Teams

Automatically notify employees through a Teams message for every Envoy update.

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Salesforce +

Create a new record in Salesforce from every visitor that signs in with Envoy.

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