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NDAs, Notifications

“As soon as we built our new office, I knew we needed Envoy. The service helps us scale operations as we grow, while retaining the same warm and welcoming vibe.”

—Francis Aquino, Workplace Experience Manager, Headspace
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  • Growth in popularity meant increased foot traffic
  • Too much paperwork for team to keep track of
  • Making sure brand is reflected in guest experience
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  • Scaled check-in process to accommodate more visitors
  • Reduced paperwork with digital sign-in and NDAs
  • Multiple visitor types allows them to showcase culture

Achieving front desk enlightenment with Headspace

Eighteen million Americans meditate, a spiritual practice research has shown can benefit memory, improve focus, and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression—and Headspace aims to make it a regular habit for everyone.

Launched five years ago, Headspace is an app that doesn’t just to make meditation more accessible, it also reminds people to be more mindful throughout the day. With three million users in 150 countries, their mission is gaining traction, and the Headspace team has grown to match. Francis Aquino, Workplace Experience Manager, says shouting across their new 20,000-square-foot office whenever a visitor arrives just isn’t an option.

“Headspace started as a small company without a lot of visitors,” said Aquino, who joined the company to help launch its expansion into a larger Santa Monica office. “As we’ve gained popularity, our foot traffic has increased and we needed a way to scale up. Envoy means less paperwork for our front desk coordinator, and it lets us retain a warm and welcoming feeling.”

Allow for culture to be central to guest experience

Headspace takes a lot of pride in their guest experience. “We aim to have every visitor taken care of within two minutes,” Aquino said. Envoy’s visitor registration system helps streamline the process with Slack, email, and SMS notifications for hosts to let them know about visitors arriving.

Headspace is also sensitive about confidentiality and how it fits within their company culture. “Our legal team takes a lot of pride in making sure the wording on our NDA is very conversational and easily understandable,” he explained.

In the past, only contractors and short-term workers were asked to sign a NDA, but with the rise in visitors—and, like many open offices, ideas mapped out on communal white boards—Headspace wanted to make sure they were covered.

Envoy’s NDA feature incorporates signing NDAs into the check-in process: every visitor is emailed the form after checking in, and all NDAs can readily be accessed through Envoy. “It beats keeping stacks of NDAs at the front desk and trying to keep track of all the physical copies,” Aquino said.

He adds that the ability to have multiple visitor types is another way Headspace can subtly showcase their culture. The feature allows for visitors to sign different NDAs based on why they’re visiting. “We adjusted our ‘Purpose of Visit’ types to include ‘Meeting,’ ‘Interview,’ and ‘Hanging Out’—it’s very customized to fit us.”

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Boost success of internal programs

Headspace has also tailored Envoy to fit their internal Bike Borrow program. “We don’t have many lunch spots nearby, so we created a bike borrow program for our employees to get around. However, people need to sign a waiver before they rent a bike,” said Aquino.

Envoy’s NDA feature is completely customizable, which means you can insert other legal documents as well. When an employee wants to take a bike, they select “Bike Borrow” from the ‘Purpose of Visit’ list in Envoy and that specific waiver pops up for them sign.

Aquino says the system is so easy to use that more people are taking advantage of the bikes. “It’s easy to track the forms in Envoy’s dashboard, and it’s completely digital, so you don’t need to manually enter information or scan and upload a form.”

Ultimately, Aquino says Headspace is very happy with Envoy. “Not only is Envoy an easy way for us to make our front desk more hip and high-tech, it’s also a practical way for us to scale operations as we grow.”

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