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Welcome to our workplace trends and insights hub! We aim to share important insights to help you plan for the future of your workplace. Here, you’ll find our collection of content—created so you and your teams always have a pulse of your workplace.

To produce our latest reports, we examined Envoy’s proprietary platform data, analyzing millions of workplace entries, meeting room bookings, and desk bookings worldwide. We also surveyed hundreds of workplace leaders to obtain firsthand accounts of what’s actually happening within the workplace walls.

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A graphic showing a man and a woman working at a desk with a sign that says manual processes cost companies up to 30% of revenue.

Manual processes cost companies up to 30% in revenue

In this guide, you’ll learn about the high costs of running your workplace operations manually and how automation can streamline operations and centralize your data.

Envoy Report for security trends

The state of workplace security report

In this report, we examine workplace leaders' biggest challenges, the rise of new technology, and what's in store for the future.

At Work: the 2023 workplace trends report

At Work: the 2023 workplace trends report

Workplaces went through a dramatic transformation in 2022. Check out the report to learn what happened to workplaces last year.


Hear from industry experts and thought leaders to learn how to turn data into action and create a thriving workplace.
Senate Bill 553

Acting on SB 553: Prioritizing workplace safety

You may already have a plan in place to comply with California Senate Bill 553 (SB 553), but actually implementing your plan can be a very complex undertaking. Learn how we demystify the new bill and its requirements.

A blue and white image of a city with people walking and bicycles.

Decoding workplace data

A few gaps in your workplace data can result in unused space and resources. Learn how two organizations leverage data to align stakeholders and make strategic workplace investments.

A green key with a lock on it is shown on a blue background.

Future-proof security

Watch global access control leaders from Datadog, Samsara, and more, as they delve into key strategies and insights to help you elevate your workplace security and meet the challenges of the modern world.

As the world emerges from a pandemic and companies move to adopt hybrid work plans, employers have the opportunity to reconsider the role of the physical office. This webinar features Beth Moore, Head of Strategic Growth at Raise and Katy Wright, Head of Real Estate and Workplace Services at Airtable, in conversation with Leela Voges, Director of Product Marketing at Envoy about emerging physical workspace trends and ways to reimagine space in light of new expectations.

Featuring Tony Vargas, Global Head of Workplace at Sprinklr on emerging workplace trends from 2022 and what to expect this year and beyond.

Hear from leaders at, Butlr, and OnSolve as they discuss their approach to the post-pandemic workplace.


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Collecting work attendance data is rapidly becoming a standard practice for many companies. Learn how organizations are gathering and using this data.

In this post, we provide an overview of California's Senate Bill 553, including key provisions, the businesses it affects, and recommended safety and compliance considerations.

Meeting in-person has tremendous benefits to productivity and collaboration. Here are the stats that back it up.

Envoy’s exec team weighs in on the top three workplace trends this year.

In this post, we review insights from industry experts on access control, holistic security approaches, and integrated solutions.

Discover how to reduce the risk of outdated compliance by ensuring your practices are modern, scalable, and user-friendly.