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Discover opportunities to cut costs and boost employee productivity—without sacrificing your security.

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Drive informed decisions with unified workplace data

View space utilization and attendance data from all key sources–such as badge swipes and WiFi connections–in one place. Right-size your office footprint and cut operational costs by optimizing your layout and resources based on comprehensive workplace insights.

Visitor management

Securely welcome visitors to your office

Give every guest a VIP experience, while keeping your people and property safe. Envoy supercharges your front desk by automating the visitor check-in process.

Visitor management

Streamline visits by having guests sign NDAs, fill out forms, and upload documentation before coming onsite. Customize sign-in flows based on visitor type.

Access control

Manage who is approved onsite by connecting your tech stack to over 100 integrations that support access control, security, and WiFi provisioning. Security alerts happen discreetly in the background, so your office is kept invisibly safe.

Host notifications

Automatically notify employees when their guests arrive via Slack, Teams, email or the Envoy app.

Custom badges

Easily identify visitors by printing badges with their photo, their host’s name, a date stamp, and your logo.

Space management

Optimize your workspace for productivity

Empower employees to reserve the spaces they need to get work done. Flexible desk booking lets them reserve workstations near their teammates.

Employee experience

Make collaborating onsite the obvious choice

Empower employees to reserve the spaces they need to get work done. Flexible desk booking lets them reserve workstations near their teammates.

Onsite scheduling

Help employees collaborate by coordinating workplace schedules and inviting coworkers to join them onsite

Workplace ticketing

Empower employees to report workplace issues on-the-go for even faster resolution

Interactive maps

Make it easy for employees to find coworkers’ desks and key resources like printers, emergency exits, and more with customizable floor plans

Delivery management

Ensure packages reach their rightful owners promptly with automatic package scanning and recipient notifications

“We are obsessive about the experiences we create, and that’s why Envoy is critical to us. It’s our opening engagement that frames the continued sophistication they will encounter.”

Brent Turner

SVP of Solutions at Cramer

Connect the tools you rely on to keep work moving

Keep everything in sync—from updating calendars to reminding your team to check in to their room—by connecting Envoy to your favorite tools. Plus, optimize your office with real time data on space usage.

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