3 custom email templates to welcome workplace visitors

The visitor experience starts before your guest walks through your workplace doors. It starts the moment you invite them on-site with an email. Your invitation email can set the tone for what kind of experience to expect on-site, so make sure you should tailor your email for each specific visitor type. That way, your visitors will feel welcomed and cared for in a way that will enable them to connect more personally with your workplace community.

To help you, we’ve provided visitor email templates for three common visitor types that you can plug and play into your visitor management system. Our emails include copy suggestions depending on visitor type with pre-written copy for you to simply copy and paste. Bonus: we include a step-by-step guide on how to customize these emails through Envoy’s visitor management system.

Follow along with our guide to send out tailored visitor emails that will impress your guests before they even enter your workplace.

How to use this visitor template guide

We’ve created three visitor email templates to get you started. Just copy and paste what you need into whatever system you use to send visitor emails. (Hint: If you use Envoy, you can find a step-by-step guide on how to customize visitor emails below).  Use the bracketed text to input the relevant information for your company or visitor type.  

For example, we provided:

You’re invited to [company name] on [date] at [time]. We’re so excited to meet with you!

So you should edit this with your information:

You’re invited to Envoy on March 14, 2024, at 9:00 AM PST. We’re so excited to meet with you!

Custom content 101

Your subject line and headers won’t vary too much across different visitor types. However, your custom content section is where you can really up the personalization of your email.

Remember to consider what your visitor cares about and what information they need before their visit. Do they care about having a workstation? Do they need to know the safety information at your workplace?

You can include a variety of relevant sections such as parking information, Wi-Fi codes, links to non-disclosure agreements, lunch menus, and more. By understanding your visitors’ needs and tailoring your information to them, you can impress your guest and ensure they have everything they need before they step on-site.

Throughout your email, be sure to let your unique company brand and personality shine through. If emojis are on-brand at your company, use emojis in your email! If you like to share images of your employees or workplace in your emails, be sure to include those. Your visitors are forming a first impression of your company culture as a whole. Personality in your email templates can help your company values shine.

Email template for job candidates

Download your copy

Email template for business partners

Download your copy

Email template for contractors

Download your copy

Invitation email2

How to customize visitor emails using Envoy

These templates can be used regardless of which visitor management system you use. But If you’re already using Envoy to invite visitors to your workplace, follow these specific steps in your Visitors product to start sending custom emails.

Navigate to your visitor management dashboard with Envoy.

  1. Go to visitor > settings > email templates
  2. Click “add template”
  3. Name your template
  4. Edit various sections of your email, such as subject lines, headers, address, and body copy

You can change the order of the sections by using the move symbol to drag and drop sections where you’d like them to be. You can also hide specific sections. For example, you may not need to include document signing information for a job candidate.