A look at Americans’ return to workplaces

Updated February 26, 2024

In March of 2020, companies across the US closed their workplaces and told tens of millions of people to work home for the foreseeable future. Now, with an end to the pandemic in sight, corporate offices, schools, production sites, and manufacturing facilities are reopening their doors.

Envoy’s Return to Workplace Index shows how workplace foot traffic changes each week and varies across the country. To inform these findings, Envoy analyzed millions of anonymized employee and visitor sign-ins from 16,000 locations in all 50 states.

Workplace traffic by metro over time

How workplace foot traffic has changed in the top 10 US metropolitan areas compared to a May 2020 baseline.

Workplace traffic by metro

How workplace foot traffic changed week over week in the top 10 US metropolitan areas compared to a May 2020 baseline.

Overall workplace traffic by week

How cumulative workplace foot traffic in the top 10 metro areas in the past four weeks compares to a May 2020 baseline.

Envoy data shows that people are returning to workplaces

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, visitor and employee foot traffic took a nosedive, causing many to hail 2020 as the end of the workplace. To provide insight into how people feel about returning to workplaces across the US, Envoy continues to study changes in employee and visitor traffic based on sign-in data. We’ve also conducted third-party surveys to identify people’s concerns about returning to work as well as their preferences when they return.

Our research shows that 95% of people want to return to the workplace, if they haven’t already, and prefer a hybrid work model. We continue to see traffic to workplaces increase across both employees and visitors as vaccination rates increase and more states reopen.


Envoy’s customers generate hundreds of thousands of workplace entry events each week as employees and visitors sign in with Envoy when they arrive at the building. Percentages reflect unique authorized user entries in each market relative to a May 2020 baseline, averaged weekly.

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