More than metrics:

Why diversity,
equity, and belonging
matter to workplace

A person’s workplace experience is highly relative, and contingent on how comfortable they feel to perform, contribute, and advance.

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A Deloitte survey revealed that while competitive pay and positive company cultures are most likely to attract millennials and Gen Z job seekers, these demographics also want to work for––and will be most loyal to––companies that actively, intentionally foster diversity, equity, and belonging (DEB) in their workplace.

ROI has been a focus for DEB advocates to prove the business benefits of such programs, but the real benefits lie in how embedding DEB in your workplace experience strategy reduces employee turnover and improves retention.

Inside you'll find

The impact of unconscious bias on hiring, and how to counteract it as a force for greater diversity and inclusion.

How benchmarking your company culture and employee experience can help you make measurable improvements.

Real-world solutions for how to put diversity, equity, and belonging into practice to attract and retain top talent.