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6 surprising employee statistics that defined the workplace in 2022

Pulled from our latest workplace trends report, these 6 employee habits shaped the way we worked last year.

6 ways to enrich your workplace occupancy data to drive better decisions

Learn how to enrich your workplace occupancy data to make smarter decisions about your space.

The ultimate guide to collaboration in the workplace

Transform your workplace to encourage collaboration and make folks happy working together IRL again. 

How to create an employee experience strategy that will improve your company

Your employees are the heart of your company, so making sure they have a great experience should be your top priority.

Workplace Tech Talk: how to introduce new technology in your workplace

A change in technology can be scary. Follow this step-by-step guide to successfully add a new tool to your workplace tech stack.

Your ultimate guide to the workplace

A library of must-have ultimate guides that explore the most talked about topics in the workplace.

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Workplace analytics 301: Transform your space with data in 4 phases

Learn how workplace analytics can help create a highly-efficient space where employees are productive, innovative, and happy.

The importance of workplace security: what it is and why you need it

Security is critical for the future of your business. Learn how different types of security are important in the workplace and why you need them.

Workplace analytics 201: How to save costs by optimizing your space

In our 201 class, we’ll build upon what you learned so far. You’ll discover how to use analytics to optimize your space and save on your business’s bottom line.