April 5, 2017by Keara Cho

Tip of the Week: How to maintain your employee directory

Our Tip of the Week segment highlights some of the product features within Envoy that our customers have found very helpful. Enjoy!

With Envoy, you have several different options for adding, editing and removing employees from your directory on an ongoing basis. We’ve outlined them below:

Automatically update your directory

If your team uses any of the following directory services, you can simply sync with Envoy to automatically populate your directory.

Note: if your company uses LDAP, your IT team should be able to automate your directory updates by using a script. Learn more.

Importing employees via CSV

If you don’t use an directory services tool, you likely populated your initial employee directory by creating and uploading a CSV file. Here’s more information on how to create and upload your CSV file.

We recommend you maintain your directory by updating and re-uploading your master CSV. Remember that every time you upload a new CSV it will overwrite the previous version.

Adding employees manually

There is an option to add, edit and remove employees manually. This would be a good option if you have a very small team or if your team does not experience a lot of growth or turnover. Remember that if you ever do upload a new CSV it will overwrite any manual changes you’d made to your employee database directly within the Envoy dashboard.