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Employees who collaborate at their workplace are 17% more satisfied in their job and workplace culture than those who don’t.

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Collaboration drives productivity, increases revenue, and improves innovation.

There’s no denying technology has made our lives a lot easier, especially when it comes to the workplace. Gone are the days of punch cards, badge scanners, and physical file storage. Workplaces are now full of high tech video conferencing equipment, collaboration tools, and sleek smart screens.

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Today, Connect syncs the upstairs and downstairs in real-time. Tomorrow, it will become a platform for cross-tenant products, services and asset sharing.

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At Envoy, we want to make the workplace work better—but we can’t do it alone. Thank you to all of our technology partners and developers who have built over 100 integrations on Envoy’s platform. Here’s to 100 more!

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