Space Management Software

Flex your space and make the most of every square foot

Empower employees to book the space they need and understand how your workplace is used, so you can design a place where people want to be.

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The right tools for the job

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Make it easy for teams to find where coworkers are sitting and confidently navigate the workplace—all while you get accurate data to optimize your space.

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Empower employees to book the desk where they work best with space management software that optimizes your office layout and desk inventory.

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Make it easy to find the right room for the task at hand, and automatically free up rooms that go unused to maximize available space.

Hot Desking

Desks that flex with employees' needs

Adapt your seating chart as headcount changes in the hybrid workplace with space management software that empowers employees to book desks easily.

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Envoy hot desking

Book desks from anywhere

Book desks from anywhere

Whether they're in the office or at home, employees can book a desk instantly and on-the-go from the Envoy mobile app.
Set up desks in minutes

Set up desks in minutes

Mark bookable desks and edit seating assignments on an interactive map of your office.
Assign desks or hot desk

Assign desks or hot desk

Empower employees to book the desk where they work best, whether that be any desk, certain desks, or an assigned seat.
Help people find their way

Help people find their way

Interactive office maps make it easy for employees to find their desk, even if they’ve never been to the office.
Conference Room Booking

Find and book a room at a moment’s notice

Free up meeting rooms that go unused and make them easy to find and book with space management software, so people can get to work.

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Booking a room with Envoy

Find available rooms nearby

Find available rooms nearby

Color-coded room displays make it easy to see if a room is free from afar. Or use your phone to find and book the closest available room.
Book rooms on demand

Book rooms on demand

Need a place to meet now? Reserve a room instantly right from the room display for the time you need it.
Eliminate ghost meetings

Eliminate ghost meetings

Prompt employees to check-in or rebook smaller rooms to free up needed space.

“Envoy gives us the ability to set up a flexible work environment and utilize our space efficiently. It gives us the data to right-size our footprint and reduce costs.”

Heather Somaini Chief Administrative Officer
Space Analytics

Optimize your work space and operations with data

Track and measure how your space is used with space management software that enables you to make informed decisions to design a workplace people love.

100 HRS Time saved per administrator, per year Based on survey of Envoy customers
Space management analytics with Envoy

Understand space usage

Understand space usage

See which spaces often go unused, so you can spot opportunities to reduce your office footprint.
Spot preferences and trends

Spot preferences and trends

Find out which spaces employees use most so you can design a layout that meets their needs.
Plan out your space

Plan out your space

Forecast when you may need to add more bookable spaces or expand to a new office.

Connect to the tools your team relies on

Keep everything in sync—from updating calendars to reminding your team to check in to their room—by connecting Envoy to your favorite tools. Plus, optimize your office with real time data on space usage.

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What is space management?

Space management involves auditing, tracking and managing your company’s physical space, such as floor planning, meeting room design and desk arrangements. It’s critical when managing a fully onsite or hybrid workforce. Learn more.

Why use space management software?

Space management software helps workplaces make the most efficient use of their office space. Create thriving hybrid workplaces when you make it easy for employees to see who else is coming into the office, book meeting rooms and reserve a desk.

Who needs space management software?

Any workplace that has a physical office for full time or hybrid employees. It makes it easy for employees to book desks and meeting rooms to work together in person. Workplace admins benefit by having the data they need to make informed decisions on their real estate portfolio, office layout, cleaning schedules and staffing.