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Office mail management

While it might sound counterintuitive in our digital-dominant world, office mailrooms are actually getting busier. That’s mostly thanks to online shopping. Employees have packages shipped to work as a more secure alternative to home deliveries. And package delivery is becoming speedier and more efficient. Make sure your office mailroom organization can keep up.

  • Set a clear delivery protocol. Think through the full delivery experience, from the time the package is ordered until it gets into the right person’s hands. Office mail management software can help. Scan a package’s barcode when it arrives to learn who it belongs to. Set alerts to notify employees when their packages are delivered. Designate a package pick-up area (away from your lobby to keep that space welcoming—and prevent theft). 
  • Enhance security. Make sure you know what’s being delivered and who should get it. Mailroom software can identify those packages that are high priority or confidential. For instance, you might want to add security measures—like having an employee or manager sign off before delivery—for a computer or sensitive document delivery.
  • Have a backup plan. It’s a good idea to train multiple employees on office mail management to ensure one employee’s sick day doesn’t send your whole operation spiraling. With your clear protocols in place, training a few folks should be manageable—and will keep your system running smoothly.

Technology might make online shopping and package delivery easier and more efficient. But it’s also making delivery management more efficient, too. Get your ducks in a row with sound office mail management software and improve the mail experience for everyone—delivery people, front desk workers, and employees waiting on their orders.