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What is a visitors log book?

With more people working hybrid schedules, it can be hard to tell who’s a visitor and who’s an employee on any given day. This can pose a challenge to workplace security and create confusion for your front desk staff. Luckily, a security visitors log book can help to keep things clear. Learn what it is and how you can use it to secure your workplace.

  • Electronic visitor log book – A visitors log book is a simple, efficient way to get a snapshot of who’s visiting your workplace on any given day. Traditionally, it’s been a simple sheet of paper where visitors sign in and out with their name and contact information. This provides a written log of guests who enter the workplace. In the modern workplace, this process has been digitized. Now, organizations can employ virtual front desk sign-in software to track who comes in, when, why, and to see whom. 
  • The purpose of a visitor log book Especially in today’s agile workplace, a visitor log helps screen office visitors, from clients to interviewees. More sophisticated visitor management systems can also assign different levels of access to various types of visitors. For example, a client might need access to the main workplace and conference rooms, while an interviewee might only need access to the interview room and restroom.  
  • The importance of a log bookIf there’s a security breach, you can consult your visitor log to help inform an investigation. And while it hopefully won’t come down to that, on the day-to-day you can gain a better picture of who’s coming and going into your office. This can help assess trends—like the most popular time of day for guests or the most common reason for visiting—so you can staff your front office appropriately. 

Set up visitor management protocols that are as agile as your workplace for a seamless, flexible, and secure guest experience.