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The visitor management system that impresses guests while keeping everyone safe

Welcome guests with reliable visitor management system that keeps your workplace safe, compliant, and productive

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Everything you need to welcome visitors


Keep your workplace safe
Your front desk is your first line of defense against unwanted or unapproved visitors, so it’s important to always know who is onsite, when, and why. With a secure visitor management system, you can allow only approved and healthy guests in your workplace so everyone inside stays safe. Learn more

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Save your team time
You no longer need to print and file paper documents, handwrite badges, or track down employees when their guests arrive. Automatically send details and verify or sign documents ahead of time, then alert hosts when visitors arrive. 96% of customers say Envoy’s visitor management system saves their teams time.
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Impress guests
Upgrade your front desk with a modern, digital visitor management system and leave your guests with a polished, delightful first impression. Nail the visitor experience from the moment guests are invited. Wow them with custom branding, sleek iPad or touchless sign-in, and everything they need for a great visit.
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Streamline approvals and denials
Set specific criteria for guests to meet before they are approved to enter your space. Customize what level of building access they can receive directly in Envoy and we’ll automatically grant them the right permissions to your space.
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Scale operations globally
Centralized visitor management helps you monitor locations, deploy to new sites, and standardize your processes. Provide consistently exceptional first impressions across locations while personalizing each visitor’s experience.
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Let your brand shine
You’ve worked hard to build your brand—and Envoy makes it easy to bring that brand experience to life in your lobby. Display your brand logo directly on the tablet on your front desk, on visitor badges, and in all visitor emails.
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Meet complex compliance needs with a secure visitor management system

here’s a lot to focus on when you’re working to stay compliant. That’s why you should rely on Envoy’s visitor management system to take care of all the visitor-related requirements for you. Capture and store all of the visitor data you need to keep your workplace in compliance. Handle audits without the hassle by easily exporting data right when you need it.

Learn more about visitor management systems for workplace compliances

“Envoy has become a crucial piece of our business and gives us rock solid, irrefutable evidence of visitor records we can use for audits.”


CIO & SVP, Innovation Architects at AMAG Pharmaceuticals

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The features you need most in your visitor management system

Envoy Visitors has features that work for your workplace—from sign-in to security, compliance, and beyond.

View all visitor management system features

  •  Registration
  • Customizable sign-in
  •  Host notifications
  • Visitor screening
  • Block lists and ID scanning
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Photo capture
  • Digital document signing
  • Badge printing
  • Access control integrations
  • Capacity limits
  • Customized branding

What is a visitor management system?

A visitor management system keeps track of the people that come and go from your workplaces. With a visitor management system, not only can you record who the person is, but also what type of visitor they are, when they arrived, and how often they visit. You can also collect all the information you need ahead of time and easily capture, store, and export visitor data for audits.

As companies realize the value of visitor management systems, many are upgrading from the old school paper and pen sign-in sheet to a digital visitor management system that can help them do much more. A visitor management system reduces tedious, manual tasks by automating them for your front desk and security staff. This allows you to focus more time and energy on creating a great workplace experience for everyone onsite.

How does a visitor management system work?

The beauty of a digital visitor management system is that it makes your workplace work better and saves your team time. When you adopt a visitor management system, you’ll streamline your visitor sign-in process, both on the front end for your guests and on the back end for your front desk admins. Here’s how a visitor management system works:

  • Step 1: Invite your visitor

    Your visitor management system will automatically notify them and send an email with the information they need ahead of their visit. This might include directions to your workplace, a link to submit health verification details, or detailed safety requirements for being onsite.

  • Step 2: Your visitor signs-in when they arrive

    They can do this either on an app on their phone or on a tablet at your front desk. When they arrives, they enter their name and details, snap a photo, and digitally sign documents.

  • Step 3: Security happens discreetly in the background

    Your visitor management system will automatically screen visitors against block lists, watchlists, and invalid IDs, so you can rest assured that everyone onsite is supposed to be there.

  • Step 4: Hosts get notified about their guest

    The visitor management system automatically alerts the correct employee that their guest has arrived.

  • Step 5: Greet your guest

    The employee knows who to greet in the lobby, making awkward meetings a thing of the past.


The leading visitor management system

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear why G2 and customers voted Envoy the leading visitor management system.

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“Envoy strikes a good balance between the high level of security we need and the open personality we’ve worked hard to create.”


Operations Admin Manager at Mailchimp

Do more with your visitor management system

  • Manage workplace capacity

    Set capacity limits and keep count of how many people are onsite at any given time to prevent overcrowding.

  • Create a great candidate experience

    Give candidates all the details they need for a seamless onsite interview experience. Automatically notify your host or recruiters so they’re never left waiting in the lobby.

“Envoy’s visitor management system and automatic host notifications have given us 30% of our time back.”


Memberships Manager at Galvanize


Connect disconnected data with a visitor management system

A visitor management system is a central system for all of your data, connecting and storing it securely in the cloud. This means that when you need to complete an audit, find information, or provide any kind of report, you can locate the data you need to with ease. What’s more, as you collect more data in one location, your visitor management system will offer visibility on trends. This helps you to analyze and make more informed decisions about the future.

“We have so many artists and visitors sign in. Envoy is a cool experience for them as it makes them feel special. It gives them that VIP feel.”


Lead Help Center Technician at Pandora


Still have questions about visitor management systems?

  • Why should my company use a visitor management system?

    A visitor management system helps businesses stay safe and secure, streamline their front desk operations, and automate mundane tasks associated with greeting guests. Visitor management systems are designed to make the visitor sign-in process more seamless, which in turn can improve the overall visitor experience.

  • Can a visitor management system replace a sign-in app or pen and paper logbooks?

    Unlike a sign-in app or manual logbook, a visitor management system is a comprehensive, digital solution. Visitor management systems include every aspect of welcoming visitors into the workplace. With your digital visitor management system, you can invite and screen visitors, grant them building access, check them in, notify hosts, log all visit details, and more.

  • How can a visitor management system modernize our operations?

    A digital visitor management system will take your operations from old-school and manual to a sleek, modern, and automated process. It will automate your operations by reducing tedious, manual tasks that your front desk or security team typically does during the visitor management process. A visitor management system will streamline your paperwork process by digitizing it into one, easy sign-in flow. No more scrambling for documents or forgetting to ask visitors to sign-in when they reach the site. Using a visitor management system means you’ve covered everything you need to ahead of time, making the visitor experience more streamlined and efficient when they arrive.

  • Will a visitor management system improve our physical security?

    Visitor management systems can enhance a building’s existing security system. When you require visitors to sign in, scan their ID, screen them against blocklists, and notify the necessary party when someone enters and exits the office, you are improving your overall physical security. Envoy also integrates with third party watch lists, emergency alert software, and access control systems so you are always in control of who is allowed onsite.

  • Is a visitor management system customizable?

    Envoy’s visitor management system is flexible and customizable. You can add your company branding to your sign-in flow, tailor the registration questions to collect the information you need, and create different sign-in flows for different visitor types or locations. You can also leverage custom or out-of-the-box integrations to plug Envoy into your existing visitor management workflows.

  • Can I create different sign-in flows for different types of visitors?

    The mark of a best-in-class visitor management system is the ability to customize. After all, you probably welcome candidates differently than you would business partners or vendors. Note which visitor types are most common and think through the end-to-end experience for each. Using your visitor management system, you can create different sign-in flows tailored toward every type of visitor who enters any workplace. You can standardize this globally, or customize it for each location.

  • What type of companies use visitor management systems?

    Companies of all sizes and industries benefit from using a visitor management system. No matter if you have one visitor a day at a small office or hundreds around the world. No matter if you are a manufacturing facility with strict regulations or a tech company that prioritizes the workplace experience for important guests. A visitor management system is able to scale to the size and needs of your specific business.

  • How do visitor management systems improve the visitor experience?

    A visitor management system communicates to your guests that your company is modern and uses the latest and greatest workplace technology. This sends the message that you care about your visitors’ time, health, and safety. It also creates a warm welcome and great first impression for every visitor who comes through your front door. With a digital visitor management system, guests are never left waiting and their host can confidently greet them when they arrive.

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Save time and design a workplace where you and your team want to be with Envoy’s workplace platform—Visitors, Protect, Deliveries, Rooms, and Desks.

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Connect with the tools you already use—or build your own. Envoy plugs and plays with over 100 workplace apps that improves the visitor management process.
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The visitor experience begins in the building lobby, not just the front door

Envoy’s multi-tenant visitor management system keeps the entire building secure and provides an exceptional experience for guests—no matter what floor they’re going to.

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