Make your workday more efficient

Envoy automates day-to-day office management, so you can work on what matters.

A list of notifications for staff members informing them they have people waiting in reception for them
Envoy helps thousands of offices save time
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Effortlessly share information

Many office tasks are about getting details to the right people, at the right time. Let Envoy automate your messages about visitors and deliveries.

Notifications of package delivery status

Arrival notifications

Envoy instantly alerts employees when they have a guest to greet or a package to pick up.

Delivery reminders

Automatic reminders help your team pick up their packages even faster—most in around 24 hours!

Expected visitors

Employees can add their upcoming guests to Envoy, which alerts the team about who’s arriving and when.

Automatic notifications have given us 30 percent more time—which means we can focus on creating a better, more professional, guest experience.

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Access data when you need it

Envoy puts visitor and delivery data at your fingertips. Check it often, or simply trust that it’ll be there when you need it.
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Envoy has completely erased the mindless tasks from our workflow by automating notifications and reminders. We can use our time better and focus on more important projects.

Coworking Spaces Specialist at Shopify

Create a time-saving process

It’s hard to be ready for everything that comes through your front door—but Envoy helps you build in smart, easy-to-follow processes that keep your day on track.

Get rid of the guesswork

Employees worry less and ask fewer questions when they know how to handle their visitors and deliveries.

Automate everything

From notifications and reminders, to badge printing and beyond, Envoy takes care of the tedious tasks for you.

Integrate with existing workflows

Adding a new tool doesn’t have to slow you down. With Envoy, notify employees on their preferred platform, instantly provision guest Wi-Fi details, organize legal documents, and so much more.

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Active Directory

Connect with Active Directory or LDAP to simplify Envoy employee directory updates.

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Automatically upload signed legal documents into a designated Box folder.

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Cisco Meraki

Securely share unique Wi-Fi credentials with each Envoy visitor.

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Automatically sync Google Workspace users into the Envoy employee directory.

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Microsoft Teams

Automatically notify employees through a Teams message for every Envoy update.

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Schedule to come into the office, book desks, and invite visitors through Envoy without leaving Slack.

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