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How much office space do I need?

The workplace looks different for everyone now. For some, it might be sitting in a quiet space from nine to five doing focus tasks, like coding or writing. For others, it might be engaging in many meetings and collaboration sessions. Still for others, it’s a combination of the two. With no one-size-fits-all way of working, it can be challenging to plan for office space to accommodate your employees. Below, learn how to manage your space, and build a happy and productive workplace culture.

  • Follow employees’ lead. Understand how, where, and when your employees like to work. A company-wide survey is a great way to understand how much office space—and what kind of hybrid work policies—you need. 
  • Embrace flexibility. With lots of people doing so many different tasks, you might be wondering, “how much office space do I need per person?” Cubicle culture made it easy to divvy up space between people—everyone gets one, simple. But of course that doesn’t work for everyone anymore. (Did it ever, really?) Designate different office spaces for different tasks, in a way that allows people to work flexibly, based on the job they’re doing. This can include assigned desks for people who do focus work on a regular basis, hot desks for employees who are on the go, as well as different types of meeting rooms and common areas.
  • Streamline your processes. With employees coming and going, you need to implement airtight space management to ensure everyone can work safely in the setting that’s best for them. A robust workplace platform will tell you how many people are on-site on a given day. It will also include tools that enable employees to book desks and meeting rooms, giving them control over their workspace. For your workplace team, a workplace platform will help you track and measure how employees use your space. With this information, you can make the best decisions about your company’s physical space.

Improve the workplace experience and make the most out of your space with a set-up that’s as vibrant and diverse as your employees.