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Make your space work for your team

Meet the smart conference room scheduling software that frees up unused space and makes it easy to find and book the right room for the task at hand.

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One platform for all your workplace needs

Create a space that fosters community, powered by accurate data and smarter decisions. Streamline onsite collaboration, space usage, and workplace deliveries.

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Book a room without breaking a sweat

Use Envoy Mobile, Google Calendar, Office 365, or the display by the door to book a meeting room where and when you need it.

Booking an interview space with Envoy Rooms

Discover more space

With check-in reminders and nudges to book smaller rooms, you can ensure everyone can find and book the rooms they need onsite.

Checking into an interview space with Envoy Rooms

Make decisions based on data, not just instinct

Turn analytics about room usage and scheduling into insights that help you make smart decisions about space management, workplace design, and costs.

Room usage analytics with Envoy Rooms
Key Features

Everything you need to find and book rooms

Space usage analytics

Space usage analytics

Make smarter decisions about your space with analytics on rooms usage
Check-in and end meeting

Check-in and end meeting

Secure your room by checking in and then free up space for others by tapping end meeting
Schedule displays

Schedule displays

Clearly display a room’s upcoming schedule and book from right outside open rooms
Color-coded availability

Color-coded availability

Easily find an available space with green, yellow, and red indicators at each room
Privacy controls

Privacy controls

Hide meeting names to protect sensitive meetings
Mobile booking

Mobile booking

Find and book the nearest available room from the Envoy mobile app with location-based functionality
Chat notifications

Chat notifications

Get check-in alerts and nudges to book smaller spaces or release unneeded rooms via Slack or Teams
Admin alerts

Admin alerts

Receive immediate alerts via email if a room ever goes offline

Create a workplace where people want to be

Make collaborating in-person the obvious choice by empowering employees to coordinate schedules, reserve desks and rooms, navigate the workplace, and file tickets from one intuitive app. Leverage unified data on workplace occupancy and space usage to make confident, cost-saving decisions.

Envoy Protect Workplace Platform

Bring your team together to do their best work

Employees can see their co-workers’ workplace schedules right in the Envoy app. Then book the right desk or meeting room for the task at hand.

Help everyone navigate onsite

Interactive workplace maps allow employees to find the people and the spaces they need to get work done.

Get a complete view of your office

Know who is planning to be on-site so you can right-size your space layout, staffing, and more to support your employees.

Make data-informed decisions

Analytics on your employees, visitors, desks, meeting rooms, and mailroom can help you make more informed decisions about your staffing and space usage.
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