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What is a safe workplace?

In today’s digital, hybrid working age, workplace safety is more than a secure building. Yes, a safe workplace environment is physically secure, with sound front desk check-in protocols and comprehensive surveillance. But it’s also technologically secure, with firewalls and computer security measures that protect intellectual property and identity theft. Not to mention, psychological safety is also key to making sure people on-site feel safe being there. Learn how to factor in these security measures to ensure a safe workplace for all your employees, no matter where or how people work. 

  • Physical securityPhysical security is what you might think of as traditional security: measures that safeguard your physical locations and those inside them. This can include video surveillance, physical access controls, clear visitor management protocols, and a meticulously kept log of visitors. Especially as hybrid working becomes the norm, you’ll want to have a clear picture of who’s in your building on any given day, as well as control over what they have access to.
  • Cyber security Hybrid working also means more employees work from their homes, on their phones, and potentially using unsecured internet connections. Create a safer workplace that protects employees from phishing, ransomware attacks, malware, and other cyber threats that pose a risk to intellectual property and identity. This includes hiring IT expertise and regularly hosting workshops so employees can learn about potential threats.
  • Psychological security It’s crucial that employees feel safe in the workplace. There are many ways to accomplish this. For example, you might consider mandating anti-harassment training and ensuring the threat of illness is kept at bay confirming employees are healthy before they walk in the door.

So what makes a safe workplace? Sound policies, good communication, frequent training, and connected systems. This should all work together to empower employees and help everyone feel safe on every level.