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Agile room booking

Agile room booking makes the process of booking a room seamless for employees working in an agile workspace

There are several ways to make the room booking process agile. One of the best ways is to implement room booking software. This will help employees easily find and book available meeting rooms. Here are some of the features your room booking system should provide to keep things agile:

    • Schedule displays – Employees can easily see a room’s upcoming schedule and whether it’s available. If it is, they can book the room on the spot.
    • Check-in and out – Employees can secure their room by checking into it at the start of the meeting. When they’re done, they can “end the meeting” and free up the space for others.
    • Mobile booking – Employees can book a room using their mobile devices. If your software has location-based functionality, it will allow employees to find the nearest available room.
    • Admin alerts – If any connectivity issues with the room booking system arise, admins will immediately receive an alert so they can explore the problem and fix it fast. This ensures that displays are always up and running for employees.  

You should also create a set of workplace policies and best practices for booking meeting rooms. For example, you may ask employees to end their meetings before leaving the room. This way, if the meeting ends early, people looking for a room can book it. It also helps show the cleaning staff that the room is available to be sanitized.

Agile room booking systems are key to enabling a flexible working environment. They help employees find the right meeting space for their needs so they can do their best work while on-site.