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“Envoy helps us create a welcoming experience for our candidates and guests. The pre-registration feature helps us streamline the security process and minimize confusion.”

—Jessica Lee, Recruiter
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  • Front desk congestion
  • Too much time spent notifying hosts
  • Confusion around security process
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  • iPad check-in reduces bottlenecks
  • Automatic notifications save valuable time
  • Pre-registration streamlines security process

Compass is disrupting real estate

Compass is a technology-driven real estate platform that makes the process of buying and selling a home more intelligent and seamless by developing tools and applications for agents and consumers. Compass’ offering is more than a user-friendly app. Ori Allon, Compass co-founder and executive chairman, brings some serious tech industry cred to the real estate listings space: He sold his first company, a search startup to Google, and his second company, a real-time search product to Twitter.

Since bursting onto the real estate scene in 2013, Compass immediately put legacy brokerages on their toes, luring talent away from both long established real estate firms and top tech companies. To date, Compass has raised a staggering $808 million with a valuation of $1.8 billion from Fidelity Investments. “Our brand is sleek, modern, and tech-driven, but natural at the same time,” said Adam Edrington, Manager of Office Operations. Adam wants Compass’s offices to reflect a smarter real estate experience—one that starts with Envoy before guests walk through the door.

Reception is a customer-driven experience

Compass has 52 offices and the headquarters on Fifth Avenue in NYC is the busiest office with approximately 180 employees and 300 agents spread over seven floors and 90,000 square feet. Visitors include not just real estate agents and their clients, but also candidates, investors and press.

“We have a very hospitality-driven experience: we want to take your coat, offer you a drink, and give you an iPad with The New York Times while you wait,” Adam said. “Envoy’s visitor registration system is part of that connection—it shows we’re a forward-thinking company, especially when it comes to innovation in the real estate industry.”

Before Envoy, the receptionist would have to notify employees via text, email, or company chat about visitors. Envoy’s automatic host notifications have simplified the process and saved valuable time. Around 400 people interact with the HQ on a regular basis; there’s a receptionist at the front, but Envoy keeps things moving if they’re busy. “The iPad is very self-explanatory. People know they can just check in and wait for their host to greet them,” said Adam.

Strangers at the front door make pre‑registration essential

The New York HQ often attracts uninvited outsiders who attempt to see the office or get connected to employees in the building who often pretend they’re there for an interview. Recruiter Jessica Lee says this created a potential risk to employees and a barrier for real candidates—one they didn’t need with more than seven in-person interviews a day at the HQ, and as many as 100 across all their offices.

Jessica says that not knowing who needed to be there left security in the middle. Someone would show up and say they had an interview; security would check with Compass’s front desk, who in turn had to connect with someone on the recruiting team to verify. “This was less than optimal—not the first impression we wanted to make for candidates,” she said. Compass now uses Envoy’s pre-registration feature to streamline the security process and minimize confusion. “It takes less than 10 seconds to get someone pre-registered,” Jessica said.

When an interview candidate gets pre-registered, they’re automatically sent an email which has been customized to fit Compass’s needs, including information like directions to the office and the WiFi password. When they arrive, security can check with reception, which then checks the list of pre-registered visitors. The online dashboard makes it easy for reception to see who to expect and when. Finally, sign-in for pre-registered visitors when they get to reception is speedy; all the primary information populates automatically.