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Nov 9, 2023

How to create a high-tech office with an automated front desk system

What does an automated front desk system even mean and what’s wrong with the more manual approach? Read on to find out.
Fayette Fox
How to create a high-tech office with an automated front desk system

Most organizations are eager to streamline systems and improve efficiency. Then, why is your front desk cluttered, running on outdated technology? When visitors are asked to sign in with a paper logbook, or the reception area is piled with packages, you’re likely creating extra work for your staff and not making a positive first impression for your guests. 

That’s why forward-thinking workplaces are implementing an automated front desk system with modern visitor management and delivery management software. These tools offer a host of benefits.

But, what does an automated front desk system even mean and what’s wrong with a more manual approach? Read on to find out:

What’s wrong with paper logbooks?

Workplaces that use a paper logbook for visitor management are doing their visitors and front desk staff a disservice. While a paper logbook might seem like a simple enough solution for tracking guests, it’s outdated and inefficient, poses security concerns, and doesn’t show off your brand.

With a paper logbook, receptionists waste valuable time deciphering visitors’ handwriting and typing info into a database. Additionally, your guests’ names and companies are in plain view, which poses a security risk. What’s more, if there’s an emergency situation in your office, there’s no straightforward way to make sure everyone is safe and accounted for.

Finally, if you want to be perceived as a forward-thinking company, asking visitors to jot their name in a paper logbook isn’t a great guest experience. An automated visitor management system like an iPad sign-in app can solve all of these pain points and more. 

Why manual delivery management is a mess

More and more people are having personal packages delivered to their workplace. This isn't surprising given how inconvenient it can be to arrange an at-home delivery window. In fact, according to a Wakefield Research study of 1,000 U.S. office workers, 69% of respondents have had at least one personal package delivered to work.

These packages are often delivered to the front desk where they sit for days, cluttering the reception area. This is because many workplaces rely on a manual (and often insecure) system for delivery management. In workplaces without a mailroom, this burden often lands on the receptionist who is tasked with manually logging every package and sending colleagues notes asking them to pick up their deliveries. This entire process is needlessly time-consuming and unnecessary. 

A messy reception area also gives a poor impression of your company. The Wakefield study found that 75% of respondents have negatively judged an organization based on their first impression of the lobby. Delivery management software can make handling packages a breeze and keep your reception tidy. 

What is an automated front desk system?

An automated front desk system is a suite of digital tools such as an iPad sign-in app and delivery management software which help modernize your workplace. These tools perform a whole slew of tasks and a quality system should include the following features:

Visitor management system

Delivery management software

What’s the benefit of an automated front desk system?

Updating your front desk with an automated system has many benefits for visitors and employees. A visitor management system like Envoy Visitors creates a great experience for your guests. You can customize the app with your company logo and signing in is easy. The entire process is streamlined so front desk staff no longer have to manage a paper logbook, handwrite name badges, print and file signed legal documents, or notify hosts that their guests have arrived. Once this valuable time is freed-up, front desk staff can focus on other projects. 

Additionally, a sign-in app is more secure than a paper logbook and digital records are automatically stored in the cloud. Plus, with Envoy Visitors you can rest assured that you’re following the latest visitor management compliance regulations.

Delivery software like Envoy Deliveries is also a significant timesaver for front desk staff and makes the process more streamlined and delightful for the office—the receptionist simply scans each package and the app takes care of the rest.

Automating your front desk is fast and efficient—an important part of any modern workplace. To see what it’s like for yourself, start your free trial of Envoy.

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Fayette Fox
Fayette Fox

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