Automate legal paperwork

The need for confidentiality and accountability are increasingly common requirements in the workplace, and to ensure that intellectual property is all protected, many offices require that visitors sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or waiver. But between collecting signatures, providing visitors with their copy and filing the paperwork, this process can be time consuming.

Envoy changes all of that—visitors sign your legal document either directly on the iPad during sign-in or before they even arrive. And collecting digital signatures makes record keeping a breeze.

Convenient ways to collect signatures

On-site legal document signing

When visitors sign in on the iPad, Envoy ensures that signing your NDA or waiver is a required part of the process.

NDA signing prior to arrival

With pre-registration, visitors can provide their sign-in details and sign your NDA all before they arrive. This ensures that your guests have plenty of time to read and review your important documents before signing.

NDA on file

Envoy “remembers” your visitors based on their email address or phone number. If they’ve signed in before, Envoy checks to see if you have their signed NDA on file. Visitors are only prompted to re-sign the NDA if you’ve made any changes to the document since their last visit.

“As soon as we built our new office, I knew we needed Envoy. Their NDA feature beats keeping stacks of NDAs at the front desk and trying to keep track of all the physical copies.”

—Francis Aquino, Workplace Experience Manager at Headspace

Fully customizable legal documents

Customizable templates

Envoy provides a standard NDA template, which you’re welcome to use as-is, edit or replace completely.

details appear in NDA

With a paper document, visitors are used to literally filling in the blanks by writing their name and the date on your NDA. But Envoy automates this process. Just configure your NDA to contain custom variables, and the information your visitors provide during sign-in will appear in their signed NDA.

Multiple visitor types

If your visitors need to sign different documents depending on the reason they’re visiting, it’s easy to configure these options from your dashboard. Envoy’s visitor types feature allows you customize the full sign-in experience based on a guest’s purpose of visit.

Flexible signing options

You have the option to let visitors sign in without providing their signature. Your dashboard will display the NDA status for each visitor, so it’s easy to see if they have an NDA on file, if they’ve signed today or if they’ve declined to sign.

‘No NDA’ design

If you allow visitors to skip NDA signing, it may be hard to tell who has access to restricted areas. But Envoy provides a helpful visual cue: When a visitor signs in and does not sign your NDA, their badge will print with a special ‘No NDA’ design.

Expiring documentation

With our expiring documentation feature, you can set configure your NDA to “expire” after a year, month or even a day, depending on your needs. Each time a visitor signs in, Envoy will know if they need to re-sign your NDA.

Document sharing and storage, simplified

Securely stored on the dashboard

Since all documents are signed digitally, it’s easy to avoid the hassle that comes with hard copies. You can access signed NDAs for each visitor directly from your dashboard.

Email signed NDAs

You can automatically send a copy of each legal document to a specified email address, making it easy to keep your legal team in the loop.

File sharing integrations

Envoy’s integrations make it easy to store and share documents in just a few clicks. With a file sharing integration enabled, your signed legal documents will file themselves.

Signed copy sharing

As your company hosts visitors, it’s important that your guests get a copy of the legal document they sign. With Envoy, every visitor will be emailed a copy of their signed document for reference and safekeeping.

Ready to try it out?

With Envoy, legal paperwork is a breeze. See how it can work for your company.

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