Keep it all in the cloud

Paper visitor logs, bulky on-premise solutions and old school kiosks all have one thing in common: They don’t help you work smarter. But Envoy’s cloud-based visitor registration solution can. Instead of purchasing software outright and hosting it on your servers, you can subscribe to our software as a service (SaaS) and access all the features you need via the Internet.

With Envoy, there’s no hefty equipment cost, no bulky binders of visitor information and no worry over data security. It also means that Envoy is incredibly easy to roll out. It can even be easily managed by a remote IT or facilities team.

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One less thing to worry about

Minimal maintenance required

On-premise tools often require regular maintenance and complex IT infrastructure, while cloud-based tools like Envoy let you skip all of that. Visitor registration is our full time job, so you can trust us to keep your system running and make your life easier.

Increased data security

Come natural disaster or equipment loss, you can rely on Envoy to have your data backed up, easily accessible and stored safely. We’re proud to provide a secure infrastructure that protects your visitor data and company information, under any circumstances.

Instant access to new features

Our cloud-based system makes it easy to stay up to date with new features and security improvements. Rather than maintaining hardware or purchasing new licenses, a simple app update will get you the latest and greatest that Envoy has to offer.

Easy equipment setup

Envoy Visitor Registration for iPad

Simply download the Envoy app on your iPad, pair it to your account and start signing in visitors. They’ll fill in the sign-in fields, sign your NDA, snap a photo and that’s it. Since all the information is captured digitally, it’s captured securely and easy to access.

Brother printers

Just configure the Brother badge printer over a wireless or wired network connection, and start automatically printing customized visitor badges. This simple investment can help you and your employees easily see who’s authorized to be in your office.

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“We actually built a visitor registration app in house, but couldn’t commit the resources needed to maintain or update it. Eventually, we decided we needed a solution that would reliably meet our needs. That’s when we found Envoy—and we’ve been happy ever since.”
—Sharon Teng, Operations Admin Manager, MailChimp

Data at your fingertips

Powerful web dashboard

Visitor information appears automatically on your web dashboard. Since Envoy is cloud-based, this dashboard can be viewed from any computer or mobile device, no matter where you are.

Envoy Passport for mobile

Anyone on your team can use the Envoy Passport mobile app to view and manage their personal visitors, easily create invites and configure their personal notification preferences.

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Centralized management for ops & IT

Centralized management

If you have multiple offices, it’s easy to manage them all within Envoy. Create an admin team with global permissions, and they’ll be able to configure account settings, manage iPads for each location, and update account billing—all from one dashboard.

Role-based administration

Role-based administration allows you to provide the right Envoy access to specified team members. Your onsite teams can access their specific location’s information, and you can grant global permissions to individuals who need to manage the full system.

Device management

Envoy’s device management allows you to remotely monitor the status of your connected iPads and printer. You can see which iPads are connected in real time. Plus, you can check if any iPads are offline or if they require iOS or Envoy app updates.

Offline mode

If your iPad becomes disconnected from the Internet, visitors can continue to sign in. Their data will be stored directly on the iPad until you establish a network connection. Offline mode makes Envoy flexible enough to use, even if you don’t have Wi-Fi.

Out of the box integrations

Integrations directory

It takes a lot of tools for an office to run smoothly, and Envoy is proud to work with some of the best. Envoy integrates with over 20 services—like Slack, Salesforce and Okta—that can help you manage your employee directory, visitor follow-up, NDA storage and more. And since Envoy is cloud-based, it just takes a few clicks to seamlessly fold Envoy into your current workflow.

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Ready to try it out?

With Envoy, keeping everything in the cloud is a breeze. See how it can work for your company.

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