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Paper visitor logs may help you capture visitor names, but they don’t make it easy to share this data or pull actionable insights. With analog systems, it’s hard to get an accurate picture of who’s signing in.

Envoy’s robust cloud-based visitor registration system displays your visitor data on a real-time dashboard. This powerful and intuitive feature lets you manage locations, configure account settings and much more.

Macbook Showing Dashboard Screen

Easy to access visitor data

Real-time visitor dashboard

When a visitor signs in, their details automatically appear on the visitor dashboard. Easily navigate or simply search for a specific sign-in to view visitor photos, sign-in times, signed legal documents and more.

Security guard access

Envoy’s security guard option provides read-only access to a live list of the day’s invited visitors. This way, your security firm can always see which visitors are expected, arrival time, host details and private notes.

Analytics dashboard

Our built-in analytics dashboard displays live updates for your most important visitor stats. Check all-time analytics, or dig deeper into a specific date range for insights on your busiest day of the week or time of day.

Mockup of a invite dashboard screen

Invite dashboard

With our registration feature, you can send a detailed invite email and speed up sign-in. And since admins can see invite details, including private notes, they can easily prepare for VIP visitors and other authorized guests.

Simple sign-in from the dashboard

VIP sign-in

From time to time, you may have VIP visitors that need to skip signing in on the iPad. For VIPs, you can manually create new visitor entries right from the dashboard, and you’ll have the option to print a badge and send a host notification.

Invited visitor sign-in

Registration can be a huge help to speed up sign-in. Invite attendees in advance, and when they arrive, simply sign in these visitors from the dashboard. They'll skip the iPad all together, but you can still print their badges and send host notifications.

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“We used to keep track of check-ins with a printed-out spreadsheet. We had no insight into what was going on and the receptionist was constantly running back and forth to check. Now she can spend time on more important tasks and still be confident that our members are getting the help they need.”
— Valerie Ives, Branch Manager, USC Credit Union Campus Center

Account configuration and management hub

Account setup and configuration

You’ll use the dashboard to configure your account—from your iPad design and custom sign-in fields, to your legal document and notification preferences. Your dashboard is more than just where visitor information is stored; it’s the central hub for your account.

Directory management

Your employee directory lets you utilize Envoy's features like host notification and registration. Keep this directory up to date by uploading contact information, or manage it automatically with one of our helpful directory services integrations.

Device management

Envoy’s device management allows you to monitor the status of your iPads and printers from anywhere. Check at-a-glance to see if any iPads are offline or require updates.

Centralized management

It's easy to manage multiple offices within Envoy. Global administrators can manage visitors and invites, configure account settings and monitor devices for all locations, all from the cloud.

Mockup of the visitor screen of the dashboard

The right access for everyone

Desktop and mobile access

The dashboard can be viewed from any computer or mobile device, making it easy to keep everyone in the loop about who’s on site. In case of emergency or evacuation, it's easy to get a real-time headcount and ensure guests are safe.

Role-based administration

Multi-site offices benefit from role-based administration, which grants the right permissions to specified team members: Onsite teams can access their office's information, and global administrators can manage all aspects of Envoy.

Employee access

Each employee in your directory has a personal dashboard to manage their visitors, invites and notification preferences. They can take advantage of these features on mobile too, with the Envoy Passport app.

Ready to try it out?

With Envoy, dashboard management is a breeze. See how it can work for your company.

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