Easily print visitor badges

In large buildings and as companies grow, it can be increasingly tough to make sure everyone knows who’s who. To ensure that your employees, ideas and facilities are safe, it’s important to know which visitors are welcome in your office—and more importantly, which are not.

Having a streamlined badge system is an straightforward way to identify unauthorized visitors at a glance. With a badge policy, you’ll know that prompt action is required when you see someone without a badge. And since Envoy automatically prints a badge each time a guest signs in, it’s easier than ever to ensure that each welcome visitor wears a badge when they’re onsite.

Visitor badges when you need them

Quick badge printing

Envoy can automatically print detailed visitor badges when guests sign in, so you’ll know right away if they’re welcome in your building.

Badge preprinting

Although it only takes about one second for each badge to print, you also have the option to preprint badges for invited visitors.

Badge reprinting

If you need to reprint a badge at any time, you can do so from the dashboard.

Badges for “plus ones”

There might be times when a visitor enters your office with additional guests—like an office tour or if colleagues unexpectedly tag along for a meeting. And Envoy can easily accommodate with our plus one sign-in feature.

When the group representative signs in on the iPad, they’ll enter the number of “plus-ones,” and badges with their name will print for the whole group. This way, you can easily escort a plus one back to their group leader if they get separated.

Multiple visitor types

Envoy’s visitor types feature allows you to customize the sign-in experience based on a guest’s purpose of visit. If you’d like to print badges for certain visitor types and not others, or if you need to display different details and custom messages depending the reason they’re visiting, it’s easy to customize these options from your dashboard.

Security details, at a glance

‘No NDA’ design

If you allow visitors to skip NDA signing, it may be hard to tell who has access to restricted areas. But Envoy provides a helpful visual cue: their badge will print with a special ‘No NDA’ design.

Entry time and date

To ensure that visitors don’t overstay their welcome, you can choose to display the sign-in date and time prominently on every visitor badge.

Visitor photos on badges

Printing each visitor’s photo on their badge acts like an instant ID check, and makes it even harder for unwelcome visitors to go unnoticed.

“If somebody is in the office and does not have a visitor badge, then we know that they don’t belong here, and they didn’t check in with us, and they probably shouldn’t be here.”

—Lauren Ziskie, Receptionist at Box

Fully customizable badge design

Custom color badges

Envoy can only print your visitor details in black and white, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have color! We’ll work with you to design a custom, color design and print it on your badges before they arrive at your office. Just load them in the printer, and when visitors sign in, their name and sign-in details print on top of the color design.

Adjustable badge details and layout

The badge layout is fully customizable to meet your needs, and the settings are easy to configure. You’ll even get a preview of what your printed badge will look like. If you need to use specific fonts, change the badge orientation, or make other special changes, you’ll have the full flexibility to do so by editing the CSS.

details on the badge

The custom badge details correspond with your sign-in fields, so it’s easy to display the most important information right on the badge. This option allows you to display a visitor’s company name to help you greet them properly, their host name so you ensure they’re with the right group, or their visitor type so you can easily tell interviewees from clients.

Adhesive badge options

One size doesn’t always fit all, so Envoy gives you options. We’re compatible with a wide variety of adhesive badges to suit your needs.

Custom visitor message

It’s easy to print a custom message on your visitor badges—anything from a friendly greeting to helpful information like your Wi-Fi details.

Supported lanyard badges

If adhesive badges aren’t right for your workplace, Envoy supports non-adhesive badges, too. These can be easily slipped into a plastic sleeve and worn on a lanyard.

Printer configuration options

Connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet

Envoy is compatible with the Brother QL-720NW printer. We chose a thermal printer to ensure that you’ll never run out of ink when you need to print a badge. The QL-720NW is small, inexpensive and easy to set up anywhere, since it can be connected to your network wirelessly or via an Ethernet cable.

Multiple printers per location

For campus-style offices or special unique configurations, we can work with you to structure your account such that one iPad is paired to a specific printer.

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With Envoy, badge printing is a breeze. See how it works for your company.

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