Capture visitor photos

Security procedures are a must in any modern workplace, but you don’t want regulations to overshadow the warm welcome you give to guests. When you use Envoy to capture your visitor’s photos, it’s easy to have the best of both worlds.

When a visitor signs in with Envoy, you can use the iPad’s front facing camera to snap a photo of each visitor for your security records. These photos appear on your dashboard and in host notifications, so you’ll be able to greet your guest confidently—even if it’s a first-time meeting or interview.

Flexible photo settings

Visitor photos as part of sign-in

Easily and automatically capture a photo of each visitor during sign-in. Visitor photos appear on the admin dashboard right when guests sign in, making it easy to keep your admin and security teams in the loop about who’s in the building.

Photos on file

Envoy “remembers” your visitors if they’ve signed in before and can check to see if their photo is on file. If you choose to reuse the photo that was captured in an earlier visit, the guest will simply skip the photo-taking step, making sign-in even faster.

Easy to export photos

Visitor photos are always accessible from the dashboard, but it’s simple to save them from a visitor export as well. If you’re looking to automate this process, configure your own integration using our webhook, Zapier or IFTTT integrations.

“Envoy allows us to identify and keep track of our guests with visitor photos. This helps us stay on top of our building’s security and provides peace of mind.”

—Nathan McBride, CIO & SVP, Innovation Architects, AMAG Pharmaceuticals

Photos help you recognize visitors

Photos appear in host notifications

When there are multiple visitors in your lobby, it can be hard to know which guest to greet. Host notifications include the visitor’s photo, so your employees can easily identify their guest and welcome them right away.

Photos for evacuation records

Your visitor dashboard can be viewed on mobile, so it’s easily accessible in case of emergency or evacuation. Having on-the-go access to each visitor’s photo can help your team identify signed-in guests, account for them and make sure they’re safe.

Built to simplify security

Safely stored records for all visitors

In case of a security incident, you can simply reference your dashboard to know who was in the building. Coupled with your existing security precautions, visitor photos make Envoy an invaluable part of any integrated security system.

Visitor photos on badges

Printing each visitor’s photo on their badge acts like an instant I.D. check, making it even harder for unwelcome visitors to go unnoticed.

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