Envoy Visitors

A better way to welcome visitors

Let Envoy welcome you to a world without paper pushing or wasted time. When visitors sign in on the iPad, you’ll wow them with a modern first impression while saving your team time.

Envoy Visitors

A better way to welcome visitors

Let Envoy welcome you to a world without paper pushing or wasted time. When visitors sign in on the iPad, you’ll wow them with a modern first impression while saving your team time.

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Streamline visitor sign-in

Sign in unlimited visitors

When you automate manual tasks like filling out legal paper-work, alerting employees or creating badges, everybody wins.

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Customize sign-in fields

Envoy’s sign-in fields are fully customizable, allowing you to collect the visitor information you need. Choose from open ended fields or create custom dropdowns—it’s all up to you.

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Capture visitor photos

Automatic photo capture makes it easy for employees to identify and greet their guests. Plus, photos can prove invaluable in case of security emergency.

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Showcase your brand

Wow visitors with a fully customized iPad design that shows off your beautiful branding, whether it’s a simple logo, friendly welcome message or bold slideshow.

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Manage from your dashboard

The visitor dashboard updates in real time and is accessible from any computer or mobile device. This means your visitor data is always just a click away.

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Greet the guest, we'll do the rest

Send instant notifications

Let Envoy notify your team when their guests arrive, and you’ll never waste time tracking down a visitor’s host again. It’s easy to send notifications via email, SMS, Slack, HipChat and more. Everyone gets to customize their notification preferences, too.

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Quickly print badges

It’s important to know who’s welcome in your office, and more importantly, who’s not. Envoy can automatically print detailed visitor badges when guests sign in, so you’ll know at a glance if a visitor is authorized.

Want to take your visitor badges to the next level with a custom layout and full color logo? We can do that, too. We’ll work with you to design a badge that shows off your brand identity.

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Automate legal paperwork

Envoy makes it simple for visitors to sign your non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or waiver. Guests can sign directly on the iPad or submit their signature before they even arrive. Since everything is captured digitally, document storage and organization has never been easier.

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Do more with Passport

Invite and manage visitors, set notification preferences and connect with your team—all from the Envoy Passport mobile app. And when you visit any other office that uses Envoy, you’ll skip the typing and sign in with just a tap.

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Utilize pre-registration

When you invite visitors with Envoy’s pre-registration feature, you’ll save them the headache of tracking down arrival details. Just send a custom email with a map, meeting details, directions and more.

Pre-registration makes sign-in smoother, too. Your team will always knows who’s invited, so it’s easy to be prepared for VIP visitors. Plus, when invited visitors type their name on the iPad, the rest of their details will automatically appear.

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Centrally manage locations icon

Centrally manage locations

Have offices in San Francisco, Sydney and Stockholm? No problem. Configure account settings and manage all connected iPads for each of your locations, all from one web dashboard.

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Assign admin roles icon

Assign admin roles

Role-based administration allows you to have multiple Envoy admins. This way, members of your security team, reception team and admin team will all have the right levels of Envoy access.

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Easily access visitor data icon

Easily access visitor data

Envoy accurately captures visitor data, so say goodbye to illegible scribbles. View analytics and export robust visitor logs with just one click, so it's a breeze to export audit and compliance reports.

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Streamline security icon

Streamline security

The Envoy dashboard displays a real-time visitor list. And with required contact fields, automatic photo capture and a watchlist, you’ll always know exactly who’s in the building.

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Keep it in the cloud icon

Keep it in the cloud

With Envoy’s modern sign-in solution, all you need is an iPad. Since there’s no old school hardware or on-premise kiosks, Envoy is easy to deploy for any office, from any computer.

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Integrate with your workflow icon

Integrate with your workflow

It takes a lot of tools to run an office smoothly. Our integrations, like Slack, Box, Okta, Salesforce and more, will help you seamlessly fold Envoy into your current workflow.

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