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Think about what it feels like when visit an office for a meeting or interview: You walk in and head to the front desk where you’re greeted by the receptionist. They ask why you’re visiting, or who you’re meeting, and that’s it—the conversation ends because they need to contact your host. Or, they might even have to get up from their desk and leave you alone in the lobby.

Now imagine it differently with Envoy: You walk in and are greeted warmly. You’re asked to enter a few quick details on the company’s iPad, including your host’s name. Then, you have a nice chat with the receptionist until your host comes to meet you. It’s easy to see how automatic host notifications create a better experience for everyone.

Automatic, robust host notifications

Instant host notifications

Envoy automatically notifies your employees when their visitors arrive. Host notifications can be sent via email, SMS (text message), Slack, HipChat and more, and each employee can customize their own preferred notification methods.

Photos in host notifications

Email and Slack host notifications include the visitor’s photo, so your employees know which visitor to greet in the lobby for interviews and first-time meetings.

Custom host notification text

The host notification template is fully customizable, so you can add more detail, specific information or instructions to your host notifications.

Rich, detailed visitor information

Host notification details correspond with your sign-in fields, meaning your employees get all the information they need about their visitors: name, purpose of visit, company name and more.

“Envoy’s visitor registration system and automatic host notifications have given us 30 percent more time, which means we can focus on serving our members and creating
a better, more professional, guest experience.”

—Lizzy Roberts, Junior Memberships Manager at Galvanize

Notifications where employees want them

Multiple notification methods

Envoy makes it easy to reach employees where they are: Just choose from email, SMS (text message), push notifications, and even all of your favorite chat platforms.

Envoy Passport push notifications

The Envoy Passport mobile app can help your team get more out of every Envoy feature, including host notifications. Passport can send push notifications that include visitor photos and sign-in details. You can even send your visitors a quick email, right from the app.

Customizable notification preferences

As an Envoy admin, you’ll configure company-wide notification preferences for your team. Envoy also offers flexibility for employees to change the way they’re notified when visitors arrive, and it’s easy for them to do so from the web or Passport mobile app.

The right notifications for everyone

Delivery notifications

If you have a member of your team that handles delivery intake, you can set them as the delivery contact. They’ll receive a notification every time a package or delivery arrives at your office.

Assistant notifications

Envoy’s assistants feature provides you with flexibility to specify who receives host notifications for your executive team. Assistants can receive host notifications either on behalf of or in addition to their executive. Plus, employees can have as many assistants as desired.

Fallback notifications

When a visitor does not enter their host’s name on the iPad, Envoy will send a notification to your admin “fallback.” These notifications inform your admins that a guest is waiting and likely needs assistance.

Ready to try it out?

With Envoy, host notifications are a breeze. See how it can work for your company.

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