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Why you should invest in a visitor management system in 2022

Helen Irias
By Helen Irias Product Marketer

Companies around the world rely on Envoy to safely welcome visitors into the workplace. Why? As the leader in visitor management on G2, we decided to let our customers answer that question. 

Explore recent customer reviews of Envoy Visitors to get a better understanding of how a visitor management system (VMS) could improve your workplace. 

Create a fantastic first impression

Welcome visitors before they even arrive with a customized invitation that builds excitement for their visit. First, make sure visitors have all the information they need to prepare for their visit. In addition to making the time and place of their visit clear, provide other helpful information like directions, parking instructions, or lunch options. 

Next, First, provide an easy way for visitors to enter all required information. Consider allowing visitors to submit information before their visit. And finally, make sure their arrival is as smooth as their registration process: enable a seamless check-in process so visitors and hosts can find each other quickly. 

“I love the simplicity and efficiency of Envoy Visitors. It has a clean appearance, and the process is smooth. No verbal communication is required, so there is decreased administrative burden to get people in the right places quickly.” Read the full review →

“This system helps you to keep the visitor area of your office organized and looking fresh. We are delighted with the version we use and are sure to stand out from the offices still using paper check-ins.” Read the full review  

“We tend to have different groups come in and it is so efficient to be able to “pre-register” everyone ahead of time so that they have a smooth check-in at the office.” Read the full review  

Keep your workplace safe and your visitors healthy

In addition to feeling welcome, everyone in your workplace should feel safe. With COVID health concerns still high around the world, many workplaces choose to screen every person who walks in. Companies use Envoy to include required health questionnaires in the visitor registration process. In the coming weeks, Envoy will also allow visitors to upload proof of vaccination or negative test results. 

Health hazards aren’t the only workplace threat you need to prevent. You also have to uphold your company’s security and compliance standards. That includes all physical and intellectual property inside. With a VMS like Envoy, companies can require visitors to sign legal documents, such as NDAs, prior to their visit. For an extra layer of security, many workplaces use Envoy to screen visitors against third party watch lists or custom block lists. 

“I like that I am able to easily reference who has visited our office and when. Especially during Covid, should someone get sick we are able to see when they were last in the office and who else may have been around them.” Read the full review  

“With the pandemic, we are being very selective about who visits, and Envoy makes it incredibly easy to manage this. In addition, having our visitors sign our forms ahead of their arrival is a huge time saver.” Read the full review  

“Envoy makes it easy to track which visitors came into the office and get a full visitor report at the end of the month. Being able to easily import the visitor log into an Excel spreadsheet makes our reporting requirements take no time at all.” Read the full review

Make life easier for front desk staff

Your front desk is the face of your workplace. Make sure that face isn’t stressed out and exhausted. Implement a VMS that reduces tedious manual tasks for admins. One that they can enjoy using with little to no training. 

Your VMS should make admins feel as though they have their own front desk assistant. An assistant that lets hosts know when their visitor arrives, flags any unwanted guests, and logs all past visits for quick reference and reporting. 

“Envoy really helps us know who’s in our offices at any given time and who’s visited our offices historically. The Front Desk Admins love the convenience of being able to have all badges pre-printed before visitors arrive.” Read the full review  

“The UX is very good and it enables our office team to manage everything without IT support.” Read the full review

“Our employees receive a text and an email immediately when their guest arrives and checks in. When the receptionist is not available, Envoy can easily notify hosts of their guests with no delay. It’s a perfectly seamless solution for our company’s needs.” Read the full review

Connect all your workplace tools 

Having too many workplace tools is almost worse than having no tools at all. If all those tools don’t work together, that is. Envoy Visitors is part of our underlying workplace platform that connects to 90+ popular workplace tools

Connect Envoy to communication essentials like Slack, Teams, and Google Calendar. Or integrate with access control solutions like Brivo, Openpath, or Honeywell. And create exceptional workplace experiences with tools like for flexible meal delivery, or AVPMi for automated parking passes.  

Use Envoy’s Zapier integration to connect to any workplace apps not yet in our integration directory – no coding required. And for all you coding wizards out there, leverage our open API and developer hub to extend Envoy’s functionality even further.

“I love that with their external API we can customize the check in systems for many things throughout our facility. We have been using it for a good part of the year with little to no downtime.” Read the full review

“Integrations with Slack, Google and other systems bring uniqueness and ease of use to the platform.” Read the full review

“Their integrations are well thought out and easy to use, which makes the software immeasurably more valuable.” Read the full review

Now you’ve heard from our customers, and hopefully have a better idea of why they use Envoy Visitors. Of course, every workplace is different. To find out how Envoy can help your workplace, start a free trial today.

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Helen Irias
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Helen is a marketer at Envoy who loves helping customers create great experiences throughout the workplace and discover new features to make their lives easier. Outside of work, you can find Helen knitting oddly-sized blankets, going to hot yoga at the crack of dawn, or finding new hiking spots with her Frenchie.