Envoy + Openpath integration

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Streamline physical security with Openpath

Add value to your existing Openpath deployment with the Envoy + Openpath integration. This integration makes the visitor experience as welcoming as possible with Openpath’s “Cloud Credentials”. Visitor credentials can be assigned based on access groups and expired at intervals of your choosing.

When you connect your Openpath account, Envoy can assign visitor flows to specific privilege groups in Openpath. When visitors are assigned cloud credentials their access will be logged in Openpath, as well as any subsequent activity performed using the credentials.

Work with your security team to configure the correct Openpath privilege groups, site location, building and/or role for your visitor records.


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Create a record of visitor activity based on your preferences

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Automatically assign access credentials based on your preferences

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Automatically disable access for visitors after a preset time of your choosing


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Access control through Openpath is now tightly integrated with Protect. You can require that your employees complete a health questionnaire and are approved to come into the office before enabling their access for the day.