Envoy + AVPMi Parking integration

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Issue Parking Passes with AVPMi

Guest parking is made easy with the AVPMi parking integration for Envoy. If your space uses AVMPi for parking management, you can automatically issue visitors a QR code parking pass for their upcoming visit when you register them.

When a registered visitor arrives on-site, they can scan their QR code to enter your parking structure and we’ll automatically mark them as active in the AVPMi system. Visitors can use the same QR code to complete their Envoy sign-in and gain building access. When visitors sign-out, we’ll automatically deactivate the user in AVPMi so they can no longer access your parking structure.


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Automatically issue parking passes to registered guests

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Log visitor activity in AVMPi

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Ensure visitors have the right access to your parking structures

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Create a seamless visitor experience