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Why visitors are the answer to building a stronger workplace

Businesses have experienced a resurgence of community in 2022. Workplace leaders have worked tirelessly on return-to-office plans to bring employees safely and happily back on-site. But it’s not just employees who make up the workplace community. Visitors play a critical role in this as well. Between 2021 and 2022, visitor traffic grew by 84% as businesses realized how important visitors are in building back a strong workplace.


Visitors are essential to the workplace because they drive a sense of belonging and connection for employees. They also allow companies to share their products and culture with others. Follow along with us, and we’ll walk you through how visitors can strengthen your workplace community. We’ll go over a few key reasons why visitors will benefit your business, how to create a great experience for a specific type of visitor, and how to use data to improve and strengthen your visitor management process further.

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