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Why you should invest in a visitor management system in 2023 and beyond

Who better to ask about visitor management than users themselves? Explore recent reviews from real Envoy customers that show why you should invest in a visitor management system.
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Why you should invest in a visitor management system in 2023 and beyond

Thousands of companies around the world rely on Envoy to safely welcome visitors into their workplaces. Whether you are a small organization or a big enterprise, it’s important to make a great first impression–especially as visitor traffic is up by 84% over the last year.

As the leader in visitor management on G2, Envoy keeps a close eye on what customers think about having a visitor management system (VMS), including how it improved their workplaces. In this post, we dive into recent customer reviews to get a better understanding of why businesses rely on Envoy for their VMS.

Create a fantastic first impression

Welcome visitors before they arrive with a customized invitation that builds excitement for their visit. You can use custom email templates to make sure visitors have all the information they need before their arrival, such as the time and address, directions, and any lunch options. You can also provide instructions on submitting personal information before their visit, such as their name, phone number, and email address. This helps to speed up the process on the day of their visit.When visitors do arrive at your workplace, make their experience as seamless as possible. Consider how touchless technology can make their registration process smooth, and notify employees of their visitor’s arrival through integrations with communication tools like Slack. That way, hosts and visitors can meet quickly and easily, without having to wait around.

“We love that the Ipad welcome is customizable.. our front desk visitor check in looks beautiful! Our guests are impressed!” Read the full review →

“With this app… we can ask all manner of questions at sign in that allows us to capture data, such as whether they would like to sign up to our newsletter. Even more impressive was the way that the Envoy Visitor app… allows people to scan a QR code and sign in on their own phone.” Read the full review →

“An intuitive and effective system for administrating visitors. Our visitors have been very impressed with how slick the system runs and how it saves time as they can pre-register at the site and supply required documents.”Read the full review

Save time and make life easier for front desk staff

Your front desk staff are the face of your workplace. They are the people your visitors see and interact with first when they enter your lobby. It’s important to make sure your front desk staff radiate the right energy to your visitors, rather than being stressed out, unorganized, or exhausted. A VMS reduces the tedious manual tasks for your front desk administrators. It saves them time by assisting them in different ways, like letting hosts know when their visitors arrive, flagging any unwanted guests, and logging all past visitors for quick reference and reporting. What’s more, your front desk staff will need little to no training to use a VMS–so a win-win for all.

“Best features: Ability to send pre-registration forms out (via email) ahead of time, with our NDA… questions baked in. Ability to immediately see the list of visitors who have 1) signed in for the day, and 2) got invites and have yet to sign in.” Read the full review →

“The other major plus is that it notifies staff that their guests are waiting in reception, saving the receptionist a lot of time.” Read the full review →

“It allows everyone to sign in ahead of time making it a lot easier once the visitor arrives on site. Envoy also sends a message to the host instantly ensuring that the visitor does not wait long before the host comes and gets them.” Read the full review →

Keep people safe with up-to-date security

As you welcome visitors into your office, you want to ensure they have a great experience. Feeling safe is part of that experience, while another part is protecting your current employees. Many workplaces use Envoy to screen visitors against third party watch lists. They also use custom block lists and ID scanning to ensure people onsite are safe and secure.It’s also crucial to uphold your company’s security and compliance standards. This includes all physical and intellectual property inside your offices. With a visitor management solution, companies can request visitors sign legal documents such as NDAs before their visit, along with any documents to be compliant with different regulations and laws.

“Envoy has streamlined our paperwork and sign in process, but more importantly standardized it completing all of the necessary documents as well as making a safer facility!” Read the full review →

“We have embedded our NDA in the visitor sign in process which makes the sign in process much smoother. It is also good for our security audits as it tracks our visitors and escorts electronically for quick reviews.” Read the full review →

"Envoy helps us keep our guest list organized and our employees safe!" Read the full review →

Connect all your workplace tools

Having too many workplace tools can feel overwhelming–especially when all of those tools don’t work together. Nobody wants to have to switch between multiple tasks and tools throughout the day. It can feel clunky and detrimental to your productivity. You want your visitor management system to connect with all of your tools. Envoy Visitors is part of our underlying workplace platform that integrates with 90+ popular workplace tools. This includes Slack, Teams, and Google Calendar. It also includes access control solutions like Brivo, Openpath, and Honeywell to help keep workplaces safe. Using a VMS will help you create an exceptional workplace experience for everyone by connecting with tools like Cater2.me for flexible lunches, or AVPMi for automated parking passes. And for any integrations not currently on our list, you can use an easy Zapier integration or leverage our open API and developer hub to extend Envoy’s functionality even further.

“I love that with their external API we can customize the check in systems for many things throughout our facility. We have been using it for a good part of the year with little to no downtime.” Read the full review

“I like that when visitors sign in and choose their host, it notifies their host that they have arrived by email, and if they're connected to Slack, it also tells them through there.”Read the full review

“Integrations with Slack, Google and other systems bring uniqueness and ease of use to the platform.” Read the full review

Your visitors help build a stronger workplace, so it’s important that you have the right technology to greet them and make their experience as positive as possible. With a skilled team, well-defined process, and the right technology, you can wow every visitor who walks through your doors. With more than 100,000 new sign-ins every day, Envoy Visitors creates a warm welcome for all of your guests. But don’t just take our word for it, read real reviews from happy customers and see for yourself. To find out how Envoy can help your workplace, start a free trial today.

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