Workplace platform for Manufacturing

Welcome visitors while safeguarding people, property and ideas

Create a seamless visitor experience across all your facilities, from the factory floor to your HQ.

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Welcome visitors while staying compliant

Envoy helps you stay compliant through visitor and employee logs for future audits. Track anyone who enters and leaves your facility. We help you move past pen and paper and modernize your visitor management solution.

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Visitor management

Visitor management

Streamline visits by having guests fill out forms, upload documentation, or watch safety videos prior to coming on premise. Customize sign-in flows based on visitor type.
Access control

Access control

Manage who is approved on-site by connecting your tech stack to over 100 integrations that support access control, security, Wi-Fi enablement, and notifications.
Emergency planning

Emergency planning

Prepare for potential emergencies. Always know who is on site at all times.
Custom badges

Custom badges

Identify visitors with printable badges with a photo, date stamp, host name, and your logo.

Do more with Envoy's workplace platform

Support all of your locations with a single platform that’s easy to set up and scale.

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Envoy Workplace Platform

Bring your team together to do their best work

Employees can see their co-workers’ workplace schedules right in the Envoy app. Then book the right desk or meeting room for the task at hand.

Help everyone navigate onsite

Interactive workplace maps allow employees to find the people and the spaces they need to get work done.

Get a complete view of your office

Know who is planning to be on-site so you can right-size your space layout, staffing, and more to support your employees.

Make data-informed decisions

Analytics on your employees, visitors, desks, meeting rooms, and mailroom can help you make more informed decisions about your staffing and space usage.

“We can collect all the data that we need to meet our compliance requirements in one centralized place. We trust that Envoy protects that data, stores it securely, and does so globally. That’s a big win.”

Jonathan Priganc Director, Business Systems–Corporate Affairs

Connect the tools you rely on to keep work moving

Keep everything in sync—from updating calendars to reminding your team to check in to their room—by connecting Envoy to your favorite tools. Plus, optimize your office with real time data on space usage.

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