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How a workplace platform improves organizational efficiency

Technology in the workplace can be overwhelming—especially when there are too many tools to keep track of. According to Asana, employees are using around 9 different apps per day and feel overwhelmed by them. Relying on so many disjointed tools can negatively impact productivity, communication, and burnout. A workplace platform can be the answer to the looming tool fatigue that both employees and IT specialists feel every day.


In this ebook, we’ll walk you through what a workplace platform is and key factors to look for before investing in one. Then we’ll cover the benefits of a workplace platform and some strategies you should follow to future-proof your tech stack. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry! Stick with us and we’ll walk you through how a workplace platform improves organizational efficiency.

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What is a workplace platform


What to include in your workplace platform


The benefits of a workplace platform


How to future-proof your technology