Welcome employees to your office with confidence

Keep your employees safe and healthy with Envoy Protect. Give your team the tools they need to manage employee registration, perform wellness checks, and set and enforce capacity limits.

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Take control of who comes on-site

Manage each step of inviting employees back to work, approving their entry, and ensuring the right people come on-site each day, so you can safely welcome back employees.

Envoy protect screening UI

Protect your team with a touchless sign-in process

Use Envoy Mobile to enter your space without touching anything, so you can stop the spread of germs.
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Envoy touchless sign-in UI

Set and enforce a capacity limit for the workplace

Prevent overcrowding by setting limits on how many people can be in your space—we'll help you enforce them automatically.

Envoy Protect capacity UI

Ensure your team is healthy before they enter your space

Require everyone in your workplace to complete a wellness check to make sure they fit your criteria before they enter your space, and get automatically notified if they don’t.

Envoy Protect wellness check

It’s important we have technology we trust in place to support a smart and thoughtful reopening of our office spaces. It feels natural to partner with Envoy, a company we’ve worked with for years, to create a welcoming and secure workplace, as we look ahead and plan for the new normal.

Armen Vartanian

SVP, Global Workplace Services, Okta

Create a safe and healthy workplace with Envoy Protect

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