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Envoy Protect

Welcome employees to your office with confidence

Keep your employees safe and healthy with Envoy Protect. Control who comes into your workplace, prevent overcrowding, and respond quickly if a situation arises.

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Ensure employees are healthy before they arrive

Employees certify they’re healthy before they head to the office, so any germs stay far away from your front door. You determine how many people can safely be on-site at once—Envoy makes sure you stay under capacity unless you say otherwise.

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Take control of who can access your office

Set criteria for who is not allowed to work in the office based on their responses to your questionnaire. Layer in extra security by connecting your access control system, so only healthy employees can badge into your workplace.

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Keep sensitive information private

Get the information you need to keep your workplace safe while keeping sensitive information private. What data you retain is entirely up to you.

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Ensure your team can work at a safe distance

Decide who can come on-site and where they’re able to sit with Envoy Desks. Once an employee is approved to come into the office through Envoy Protect, we’ll automatically assign them a desk for the day, so you can be sure that everyone has a safe space to work.

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Illustration of the safety benefits of Protect
Key Features

The tools you need to safely reopen

Custom health questionnaire

Custom health questionnaire

Create questions that collect the info you need to stay in compliance with local regulations.
Employee screening

Employee screening

Set criteria employees must meet to come on-site and notify them instantly if they’re approved or denied.
Touchless sign-in

Touchless sign-in

Have employees sign in with Envoy Mobile on their phone, so there’s no need to touch shared surfaces.
Employee log

Employee log

See everyone who is registered to come in tomorrow and who is currently in the office.
Capacity limits and alerts

Capacity limits and alerts

Keep people from registering or signing in past your office’s max capacity to prevent overcrowding.
Analytics and reporting

Analytics and reporting

Make data-informed decisions with insight into occupancy, screening results, and who’s working in the office.
Workplace contact tracing

Workplace contact tracing

Identify who may have been exposed to a sick employee in the office based on your sign-in data.


Get important information about the workplace, like policies and events, in front of employees via Envoy Mobile.

Create a workplace where people want to be

When you put care into your workplace, it shows. Design a place where everyone can feel safe and productive with Envoy’s workplace platform—Protect, Visitors, Deliveries, Rooms, and Desks.

Envoy Protect Workplace Platform

Keep everyone in your workplace safe

Make sure anyone walking in your front door is healthy, keeps a safe distance, and can navigate your office without touching shared surfaces.

Get a complete view of your office

See who's in the office, how spaces are used, and what needs your attention all in one place, so you can keep things running smoothly.

Make data-informed decisions

Analytics on your employees, visitors, meeting rooms, and mailroom can help you make more informed decisions about staffing and space usage.

Give your team space to do their best work

Save your team from the daily distractions of searching for deliveries, waiting on visitors, and finding an open room to meet, so they can focus on the work that matters most.
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What is Envoy Protect?

Envoy Protect is a solution designed to help companies safely return to the office. It includes features to help survey and screen employees before they come to the office, manage office capacity, and trace contacts of employees who get sick.

How much does it cost?

Envoy Protect is included with an Envoy Visitors subscription. You can send health questionnaires and screen employees on the free Basic plan, with more functionality, control and automation available on paid plans. Visit the pricing page to learn more about each plan.

Do you offer touchless sign-in?

Employees use Envoy Mobile on their personal phones to sign in for a completely touchless experience.

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Envoy Protect is included in Envoy Visitors. View our pricing page to learn more.



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