Envoy + Everbridge integration

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Critical event management solutions with Everbridge

The Envoy + Everbridge integration gives you the added security of being able to notify your visitors in addition to your staff during a critical event.

When you connect your Everbridge account, Envoy will create a record of every visitor and or invite (day of) within Everbridge as a Contact with a pre-defined record type and or group.

Work with your security team to configure the Visitor Record Type in advance in addition to any groups per site location, building and/or role for your visitor records.


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Add every Envoy visitor to Everbridge as a Contact as a predefined *Visitor* Record Type

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Optionally, add every Envoy invite into Everbridge as a predefined "Incoming visitors" Group

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Stop manually logging user data in Everbridge

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Pre-configure notification events for each Visitor Record Type per location or globally