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Put office deliveries in their place

Ensure incoming mail reaches its rightful owner—at home or in the office—with mailroom management software.

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Quickly scan labels

Use the Envoy app to scan the name or barcode on each incoming delivery. Envoy recognizes the name and notifies the employee in seconds, so you can get back to the work that matters.

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Scanning packages with Envoy Deliveries

Get deliveries to employees on-site and at home

Delivery notifications and reminders make it easy for employees in the office to find their packages and those at home to arrange for a pick up or delivery.

Envoy Deliveries notifications to employees

Protect important packages

Discourage theft and quickly fix mail mixups by requiring a signature or picture at pickup. If a delivery goes missing, you can see if it ever arrived or if someone else picked it up.

Secure package pickup with Envoy Deliveries

Prevent package pileups

Keep the mail pile manageable with insight into how delivery volume fluctuates and which long-unclaimed packages can be removed.

30% Reduction in office clutter Based on survey of Envoy customers
Delivery analytics with Envoy Deliveries
Key Features

Everything you need to keep deliveries moving

Easy recording

Easy recording

Envoy uses the camera on your phone to match the name on the label to the right employee. No extra hardware required.
Instant recipient recognition

Instant recipient recognition

Envoy uses character recognition and smart name-matching to match recipients to employees in your directory.
Digital delivery log

Digital delivery log

Establish a record of when packages arrive, when they’re retrieved, and packages awaiting pickup.
Role-based permissions

Role-based permissions

Provide the right level of Envoy access to administrators and mailroom staff.
Secure pickup kiosk

Secure pickup kiosk

Snap a photo or require a signature at pickup using the Deliveries app on the iPad.
Package notifications

Package notifications

Automatically notify employees when they have a delivery ready for pickup.
Automatic reminders

Automatic reminders

Prompt your team to pick up their lingering packages with reminder notifications.
Mailroom analytics and reports

Mailroom analytics and reports

Identify trends to improve operations and scale your mail process.
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Everything you need for a flexible, safe, and productive workplace

Get a holistic view of what’s happening in your workplace, streamline workflows, and create an environment where everyone can thrive with the Envoy workplace platform.

Envoy Protect Workplace Platform

Bring your team together to do their best work

Employees can see their co-workers’ workplace schedules right in the Envoy app. Then book the right desk or meeting room for the task at hand.

Keep everyone in your workplace safe and healthy

Prevent the workplace from getting too crowded—and employees from getting sick—with health checks and capacity limits.

Get a complete view of your office

Know who is planning to be on-site so you can right-size your space layout, staffing, and more to support your employees.

Make data-informed decisions

Analytics on your employees, visitors, desks, meeting rooms, and mailroom can help you make more informed decisions about your staffing and space usage.
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What is mailroom management software?

Mailroom management software helps workplaces streamline the process of accepting, recording, organizing, and ensuring delivery of incoming office mail and packages.

Who needs mailroom management software?

Any workplace that finds itself with a pile of unclaimed mail or wants to relieve staff of the time-consuming task of sorting and notifying employees of incoming mail.

What hardware do I need?

All you need is a smartphone with a camera.

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