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ICYMI: Everything we added to Envoy in 2019

We’ve rounded up the most exciting new features and updates that came to Envoy Visitors and Deliveries in 2019.

Jillian Smith
By Jillian Smith Product Marketer

Between rolling out new workplace programs and juggling all the work it takes to keep your office up and running, we know it can be easy to overlook what’s new in your Envoy dashboard. To get you caught up and back to planning for the new year, we’ve rounded up the most exciting new features and updates that came to Envoy Visitors and Deliveries in 2019.

Keep out unwanted guests with a fool-proof block list 

When it comes to keeping out intruders, there’s no room for error. We rebuilt the block list to more accurately identify blocked visitors (meaning fewer false positives), provide more informative alerts in more places, and help you quickly identify if a suspected visitor is in fact unwelcome.

Get more insight into how your office handles visitors with enhanced analytics

See everything from what percent of visitors are expected or not to how long it takes to complete your sign-in flow, all from the new Visitors analytics dashboard. Spot patterns and trends across all the locations you manage in the global analytics view.

Speak to visitors in their language by translating your sign-in into 23 different languages

Nothing says “welcome” like being guided through sign-in with your native language. Now you can offer visitors a native language experience from the first sign-in screen to the follow-up emails they receive after their visit in 23 different languages

Check if almost any visitor’s ID is valid

Now you can use ID scanning on your Visitors kiosk to verify if almost any ID is real—literally over 4,500 types of IDs from 195 countries—so no one slips through the cracks. 

Connect your access control system for a seamless, secure sign-in

Signing in is just the first step. Now you can automatically provide guests the access credentials they need to reach their final destination by connecting any of the following access control systems: Angus AnyWhere, braXos, Brivo, C-CURE 9000, Genetec, Kisi, and OpenPath.

Quickly pre-register visitors from Slack, Outlook, or your Google Calendar

Pre-registering visitors is essential to helping your security team stay ahead of who’s welcome on-site (and who’s not). Rather than switching tools, and risking forgetting to add your guest entirely, now you can pre-register guests in a few clicks from Slack and your Outlook and Google Calendars.

Define admin responsibilities with a Deliveries-specific role

You can now assign a team member as the Deliveries Admin, with its own set of permissions. This helps you further separate admin roles based on their responsibilities and make sure employees have the right level of access to visitor and delivery information.

Here’s how a Head of Workplace manages deliveries in the real world.

Zoom scales their workplace experience as they grow with delivery management software

And many more:

More big things coming to Envoy in 2020!

It’s been quite a year and we’re grateful to all our customers who told us how we could make their workplace work better. Saying that we’re excited for 2020 would be an understatement: we have big news coming in February plus a sneak peek at our blueprint for the workplace of the future.

Keep an eye on our changelog to make sure you’re in the loop on all that’s new in Envoy. Have thoughts on what we should build next? We’re always open to your suggestions. Tell us more by sending us a note at [email protected].

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