Envoy + Visual Compliance integration

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Denied Party Screening with Visual Compliance

With Envoy, visitors can use our iPad app to input their information and sign-in to your company’s locations. But how can you be sure that all of those visitors are screened in order to verify that they should be on site? The Visual Compliance integration can solve for this issue.

Install the Visual Compliance integration to automatically screen visitors against dozens of watchlists - from state to international watchlists, financial and medical watchlists and more. The name, city, and company sign-in fields will be used to screen against Visual Compliance watchlists. Your Admins will be notified when a Visitor’s details match an entry on a particular watchlist, and then they can login to Visual Compliance to see more specific information about the match.


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Automatically screen visitors and invitees against specific watchlists

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Meet compliance regulations by knowing exactly who is on site

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Use any Dropbox account

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Automatically notify your designated admins when a Visitor or Invite matches a watchlist